Aaron Peck

Colter Jacobsen

Colter Jacobsen talks about his recent work

April 2011

Colter Jacobsen is a San Francisco–based artist. Last year he was awarded SF MoMA’s 2010 SECA Art Award. Here, Jacobsen discusses his installation Take a Deep Breath . . . Hold It . . . Hold It (The Vancouver Sun) for “11 Lights on the… READ ON


“The Voyage, or Three Years at Sea, Part I”

February 2011

Curated by Cate Rimmer, this exhibition charts the ways in which, to quote Herman Melville, “meditation and water are wedded together.” The first in a trilogy of programs at the gallery about the ocean, the show comprises two artworks … READ ON


Elizabeth McIntosh

December 2010

Elizabeth McIntosh’s paintings share an unexpected affinity with poetry. In poetics, a text is referred to as “open” when it is composed in such a way that one authoritative reading cannot hermeneutically “close” it. McIntosh’s … READ ON


Stephen Waddell

November 2010

Stephen Waddell’s current exhibition, comprising seven pictures, examines the complexities of the photographic gaze. The most notable work, Wrestlers, 2010, presents an intricate series of sightlines. Measuring 96 by 119 inches, Wrestlers… READ ON


Geoffrey Farmer

September 2010

Geoffrey Farmer’s yearlong project Every Letter in the Alphabet, 2009–10, examines two of his aesthetic preoccupations: language and performance. Farmer opened a storefront for the piece, which was commissioned by the city of Vancouver … READ ON


B. Wurtz

June 2010

The idea of shelter or cover has been a long-standing motif in B. Wurtz’s work, and so it seems only appropriate that his latest show has been installed in a gallery-cum–residential apartment. While the exhibition space––the bedroom––is… READ ON