Adam Kleinman

Emily Sundblad

May 2014

A plastic-wrapped rib-eye steak lay in the center of House of Gaga’s tile floor. Surrounding it were fifteen small illustrations hung on the gallery’s walls depicting captive beasts—big cats, apes, snakes, and so on—that artist (and … READ ON

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“Gwangju Folly II”

March 2014

What lasting, tangible benefits do large-scale recurrent exhibitions offer their host communities besides display halls and tourist dollars? Such questions lie at the heart of Gwangju Folly, which commissions permanent pavilions for public … READ ON

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Glasgow International 2014

January 2014

Curated by Sarah McCrory With the referendum vote for Scottish independence scheduled for September, it is significant that this year’s Glasgow International is operating in partnership with Homecoming Scotland—an initiative of Visit … READ ON


Flirting with Disaster

The ninth SITAC conference in Mexico City

February 2011 MEXICO CITY

CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR…  With a touch of dramatic irony, this year’s installment of the annual SITAC conference, at the Teatro Julio Castillo in Mexico City, centered on the “Theory and Practice of Catastrophe” and began with the… READ ON


“Greater New York”

September 2010

AT THE PRESS CONFERENCE for “Greater New York,” organizers Klaus Biesenbach and Connie Butler (Neville Wakefield, the third organizer, was not present) admitted that it was a challenge to fill MOMA PS1’s large, awkward space on such a… READ ON

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