Alessandra Pioselli

Zineb Sedira

Galleria Riccardo Crespi

June 2014

The sea is an entity that separates and conjoins geographies and histories, where unpredictable routes are traced. In Zineb Sedira’s current exhibition, “Maritime Chronicles,” which presents her recent work, she examines the ocean as … READ ON


David Lamelas

June 2014

A common concern with the relationship between space and time imperceptibly unites the works that David Lamelas presented in this exhibition. Time as Activity, first created in Düsseldorf in 1969, gives the sense of a filmic machine in … READ ON

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Regina Josť Galindo

Padiglione d'Arte Contemporanea (PAC)

May 2014

Regina José Galindo’s retrospective at PAC is entitled “Estoy Viva” (I am Alive). The phrase is also the title of the work, also 2014, that visitors first encounter, appearing in large iron letters on the wall—an assertive welcome.… READ ON


Giorgio Andreotta CalÚ/Andra Ursuta

May 2014

One of the gallery’s rooms was dangerously dark. Only the tapping sound of falling drops of water filled the void, marking time and drawing visitors toward a slightly more illuminated point located just off center in the space: a rectangular… READ ON

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Piero Manzoni

Palazzo Reale

April 2014

Fifty-one years after Piero Manzoni’s death, the Palazzo Reale plays host to an extensive retrospective of his work. It’s his first show in Milan—a city to which he was closely tied—since 1997, and with 130 works, as well as films … READ ON


Goran Trbuljak

P420 Arte Contemporanea

March 2014

An ironic and playful appearance characterizes the conceptually driven output of Goran Trbuljak, an artist who, since the late 1960s, has investigated the condition of artwork and the artist, and the cultural frameworks that validate their … READ ON


Adrian Paci

Padiglione d'Arte Contemporanea (PAC)

December 2013

Adrian Paci’s videos focus on the emotional yet stern possibilities present within the medium’s narrative and metaphorical structures. The retrospective “Lives in Transit,” which itself has traveled, with some variations, from the … READ ON


Luca Vitone


November 2013

In the small Italian town of Casale Monferrato, an asbestos factory founded in the early 1900s has caused hundreds of deaths over the years. After that business went bankrupt, local residents began a long process of reclaiming the land and … READ ON


Loredana Di Lillo

September 2013

A black shape, beached like a stranded whale, was the starting point of this exhibition. Two long, defenseless Mickey Mouse arms emerged from the large, boxy form that constituted the body’s central element. According to a text by Loredana… READ ON

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Carlo Benvenuto

June 2013

Carlo Benvenuto has never strayed from his chosen way of working, which begins with his decision to photograph only everyday objects, found at home, and to present them at full scale, frontally and centered. The new photographic works—along… READ ON

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