Alex Jovanovich

Remember the Alamo

Alex Jovanovich on Pee-wee’s Big Holiday

March 2016

SO IT APPEARS THAT The Archies have become “dark.” Due to a big brand revamp a few years ago, Riverdale’s now overrun with murder, zombies, witchcraft, and a fine powdering of incest. Who knew? It’s making Archie Comic Publications,… READ ON


Isaac Mizrahi

Isaac Mizrahi talks about his retrospective at the Jewish Museum

March 2016

During Hollywood’s early days, actors didn’t just act—they also sang, danced, and played instruments. These people were, in the truest sense of the word, entertainers. The designer Isaac Mizrahi is similar—an old-school charmer who… READ ON


Sui Genesis

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge’s retrospective at the Rubin Museum

March 2016 NEW YORK

IF YOU’RE OLD ENOUGH, you’ll remember the term “urban primitive,” a pejorative (I always thought) coined during the late 1980s or early ’90s for the tatted, pierced, and dyed set who, through these various cosmetic alterations to … READ ON


Beverly Semmes

Susan Inglett Gallery

February 2016

“A heartfelt seduction lasts a lifetime,” says the archly camp English band Black Box Recorder. And, no joke, they’re right, especially when it comes to Meret Oppenheim, whose sexy, Surrealist works balance nightmare and Eros with … READ ON


Jeni Spota C.

Brennan & Griffin | Downtown

January 2016

James Hampton, a janitor, built a tinfoil throne room for Christ’s return in a Washington, DC, rental garage; Leonard Knight’s Salvation Mountain is an adobe edifice in California made in honor of God’s enduring love; Laure Pigeon’s… READ ON


Diane Simpson

Diane Simpson on her retrospective at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston

December 2015

In the November 2015 issue of Artforum, Kate Nesin says of artist Diane Simpson: “[She] realizes the singularity of each sculpture through assiduous refinements of deformation, material selection, and construction. That is, each sculpture… READ ON


Ian Cooper

Halsey McKay Gallery

October 2015

Think about the backdrop against which the tapioca stickiness of childhood plays itself out: a middle-school classroom of plasticized wood; a gymnastics mat made of hypoallergenic vinyl; stain-resistant carpeting in tidy little squares of … READ ON


Chason Matthams

Thierry Goldberg Gallery

September 2015

Here is an artist happiest in the graveyard we call Google Images, promiscuous in his desire to absorb everything: stupid and brilliant, sickening and funny, banal and beautiful. Lots of people do this kind of looking now—gluttonous, glazed… READ ON


Tom Phillips

Flowers Gallery

August 2015

Tom Phillips’s approach to creating the strikingly luminous images in A Humument is by now a familiar one: He takes each page from W. H. Mallock’s A Human Document (a long-dead Victorian novel) and via collage, painting, and drawing, he… READ ON


“Secret Identities: Superheroes and Selfhood”

Driscoll Babcock Galleries

July 2015

Superheroes are born from the worst of times: Think of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster’s sexy, Semitic Übermensch coming to life on the eve of World War II, or Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s psychedelic mutant marvels arriving the same year … READ ON