Ana Finel Honigman

Eva Kotátková

Modern Art Oxford

January 2014

Using black-and-white collage, as well as film and live performances, Eva Kotátková playfully enacts the inner lives of Oxford University’s student population in her current show at Modern Art Oxford. First, she constructs an installation… READ ON


Art Spiegelman

The Jewish Museum

December 2013

That just one artist produced the five decades’ worth of graphic art that constitutes Art Spiegelman’s first retrospective is baffling. Beginning with depictions of geeky guys and pinup babes that he created as a preteen and concluding … READ ON


Malerie Marder

Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects

December 2013

For her most recent exhibition, Malerie Marder presents a series of photographs depicting prostitutes in brothels in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, places where sex work is both legal and normalized, affording those within it greater dignity than… READ ON


Anca Munteanu Rimnic


September 2013

The death wails belonging to the six professional Romanian mourners in the film sequences Lament III (Museum Curator Collector) and Lament V (Empty Bags) (both 2013) are not the most damning pronouncements on the fate of contemporary art in… READ ON


Enrique Martínez Celaya

SITE Santa Fe

August 2013

Enrique Martínez Celaya’s “The Pearl” is an affecting meditation on nostalgia. Martínez Celaya constructs this exhibition like a tightly composed narrative poem involving a small cast of characters—a boy, a fox, a gaggle of different… READ ON


Uri Aran

Kunsthalle Zürich

February 2013

Uri Aran’s solo exhibition “Here, Here and Here” tells a story of struggles to construct compelling, coherent, and relatable narratives. Using assemblage, video, and drawing, Aran shows bits of evidence that imply potential plots, though… READ ON


Lisa Ruyter


September 2012

The images of impoverished Americans that Walker Evans made iconic in his collaboration with James Agee convey the dry, brittle tones of sun-bleached, barren land and faces drained exhaustion and hardship in the 1930s and ’40s. Lisa Ruyter… READ ON


Jenny Saville

Modern Art Oxford

August 2012

Jenny Saville’s ferocity while piling, pushing, and scraping oil on her massive canvases appears to wall her subjects into their bodies. Her retrospective at Modern Art Oxford demonstrates her evocative use of paint to articulate the … READ ON


Jonathan Horowitz and Elizabeth Peyton

Sadie Coles

July 2012

For an exhibition about repression, Jonathan Horowitz and Elizabeth Peyton’s “Secret Life” is remarkably free of tension. The works collectively emanate a genteel serenity, with Horowitz’s large-scale paintings and planters alongside… READ ON


Sterling Ruby

May 2011

In his latest exhibition and first curated project room at Sprüth Magers, Sterling Ruby seems to tell us that we should fear our own paranoia. Ruby borrowed his solo show’s title (“I am not free because I can be exploded anytime”) from… READ ON