Andrew Berardini

“Omul Negru”

Nicodim Gallery | Los Angeles

August 2016

Something wicked this way walks. The Romanian title of this show (which began in the gallery’s Bucharest counterpart), “Omul Negru,” translates to “man in black,” and curator Aaron Moulton has included over forty works haunted by … READ ON


“Everybody! Come Stand on the Altar!”


June 2016

Theatrical lights shine and move throughout the room during Keaton Macon’s audio piece Overlay, 2016, which is interrupted by another work—this one made of darkness and five channels of a haunting voice, by Dorian Wood. The lights play … READ ON


Rachelle Sawatsky

China Art Objects Galleries

June 2016

Punctuation marks and unnamed orifices, secret alphabets and twinkling stars—are they punching out or windowing in? Streaked with watercolor or screen printer’s ink and glistening with glaze, fifteen ceramic works—shapely paintings or… READ ON


Made In L.A. 2016: “a, the, though, only”

May 2016

Curated by Aram Moshayedi and Hamza Walker The third edition of the Hammer’s self-described locals-only biennial (although some participants lived in Los Angeles only briefly) arrives otherwise themeless, save for its cryptically beautiful… READ ON


Elaine Cameron-Weir

Venus Over Los Angeles

April 2016

An alchemist has abandoned her laboratory. A long adobe wall serving as a threshold wears licks of neon like lightning contained, along with angled metal arms holding liquid candles and rearview mirrors, large pearly clamshells, and gleaming… READ ON


Nathaniel Mellors

The Box

March 2016

It’s like watching television, but even more fucked up. There are many ways, of course, to fuck up a television show, but artist and musician Nathaniel Mellors, for his debut solo exhibition here, gives us the shape and cues of a British … READ ON


Julie Weitz

March 2016

Beyond a glass front door, metal chains dangled breezily over a carpet of pink eggshell foam, which sprang back buoyantly from each footstep, absorbing its sound. Velvety black walls led beyond a wall of mirrors into the soft, gently throbbing… READ ON

IN PRINT March 2016 [TOC]

Dear John

The opening of Sprüth Magers Los Angeles

February 2016 LOS ANGELES

ACROSS THE STREET from sunset tourists posing for snaps in front of Chris Burden’s Urban Light, jumping distance from chopped-up sections of the Berlin Wall, the first-floor windows of an International Style two-story building read over … READ ON


Robert Barry

February 2016

Passing through Rudolph Schindler’s Bethlehem Baptist Church, one witnessed fifty-one glimmering words, which whispered from the walls of this nearly forgotten architectural monument. One of only a few modernist masterpieces still intact … READ ON

IN PRINT February 2016 [TOC]

William Leavitt

Honor Fraser

January 2016

A sci-fi laboratory and a suburban patio weirdly mingle in William Leavitt’s installation The small laboratory (all works 2015). Both a sculpture and a set for an as yet unpublished play, the work includes a bit of repurposed rattan crowning… READ ON