Andrianna Campbell

Laurie Simmons

Laurie Simmons discusses her new work at the Jewish Museum in New York

March 2015

Laurie Simmons is a New York–based artist. The photographs in her upcoming exhibition “Laurie Simmons: How We See” signal a shift in her work—each depicts a female figure with painted eyelids that emulate open eyes, and frames her … READ ON


Barbara Kasten

Barbara Kasten on her show at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia

January 2015

Barbara Kasten’s photographs are often discussed in relationship to Bauhaus aesthetics, particularly the work of Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, who advocated for Gesamtwerk, or, for working in multiple mediums, which has always been a critical part … READ ON


Lucy Kim

Lisa Cooley

January 2015

Lucy Kim’s latest paintings operate between a fidelity to realist depiction and to dreamscapes that distort her deliberate verisimilitude. This is a departure for Kim, who previously molded in aluminum foil to achieve less representational… READ ON


Martin Puryear

Matthew Marks Gallery | 502 W. 22nd Street

January 2015

As 2014 came to a close, several questions lingered: What happened to the radicality of abstract spirit, both in the formal sense and in its political import? Where can those two essential elements meet in order to reinvigorate traditional … READ ON


Geoffrey Farmer

Casey Kaplan

December 2014

Hundreds of cutouts from a 1960s Italian book series featuring masterpieces of sculpture have been propped up on a round table that spans eighteen feet in diameter in Geoffrey Farmer’s latest exhibition. There is Desiderio da Settignano… READ ON


Tatiana Kronberg and Anne Eastman

Essex Flowers

November 2014

“The Inside of the Outside,” an exhibition of Tatiana Kronberg and Anne Eastman, captures the tensions between the concrete and the immaterial inherent to the photographic medium in the context of our contemporary digital age. Kronberg… READ ON


David Hockney

Pace Gallery | 508 West 25th St.

October 2014

In recent years, David Hockney has turned to the walkways around his studio in East Yorkshire, England, where he has set his latest series, “The Arrival of Spring.” Hung according to medium, it begins with stark black-and-white charcoal… READ ON


Bill Lynch

White Columns

September 2014

A lambent quality suffuses Bill Lynch’s mostly untitled and undated paintings on scavenged plywood, executed during the last thirty years of his life. A furtive incandescence hovers inside them. Euphorically ambiguous, in the same breath … READ ON



Brooklyn Museum

March 2014

“Witness,” as its title proclaims, is a bold admixture of radical voices attesting to the spirit and conscience of the 1960s. The decade has often been revisited as a period when artistic earnestness and social efficacy prevailed in spite… READ ON