Andy Campbell

Elizabeth Jaeger

May 2015

Characterized by an economy of form and material, the spare sculptural tableaux of Elizabeth Jaeger’s first solo exhibition in Texas are a meditation on physical and emotional supports. The slumped pinkish leather shape in the deadpanned … READ ON

IN PRINT May 2015 [TOC]

Angel Oloshove

April 2015

On her blog, Angel Oloshove describes her ceramic vessels and sculptures as “babes” and “cuties” (as in “new cuties,” and “I just got these babes fresh out of the kiln”)—and these terms of endearment couldn’t be more apt.… READ ON

IN PRINT April 2015 [TOC]

Mel Chin

Asia Society | Texas, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Station Museum of Contemporary Art, Blaffer Art Museum at the University of Houston

March 2015

An aspect of Mel Chin’s work and personality crystallized for me as I watched him give a lecture at the Houston opening of his survey exhibition “Rematch”—the guy has a knack for dad jokes. Groaners, but nonetheless endearing, such … READ ON


Melvin Edwards

Melvin Edwards discusses his exhibition at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas

March 2015

Over fifty years’s worth of work by sculptor Melvin Edwards is now on view at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas. Well-known works from his ongoing “Lynch Fragments” series, 1963–, hang next to surprises—a roiling, hanging tumble… READ ON


Ana Maria Tavares

Sicardi Gallery

November 2014

One doesn’t walk through Ana Maria Tavares’s new solo exhibition so much as one wades through it. Twenty-seven metal and Plexiglas plinths are placed about the gallery, each containing gold, green, purple, or sometimes black woven … READ ON


George Herms

George Herms discusses his archives and exhibition in Austin, Texas

September 2014

LOVE is not just the word with which George Herms signs his work but an expression of a particular ethos. Well known in Beat generation poetry, art, and 1960s-era California Assemblage circles, he was also involved with Wallace Berman’s … READ ON


Igor Siddiqui

Igor Siddiqui speaks about his latest work with bioplastics

March 2014

Croatian-born architect and designer Igor Siddiqui identifies with the “not everything” approach to architecture—the notion that architects can make small, incisive contributions to larger projects rather than focusing solely on the … READ ON


Yan Xing

Yan Xing discusses his solo exhibition in Lucerne

February 2014

The Beijing- and Los Angeles–based artist Yan Xing is known for creating intricately staged installations, photographs, videos, and performances that play on registers of high camp, melodrama, and sincerity. For his recent solo exhibition… READ ON


Juan Capistran

The ISESE Gallery, Visual Arts Center at the University of Texas at Austin

February 2014

I AM HOPING TO SEE THE DAY reads the text spelled out in fist-size, chalk-white rocks on the floor of Juan Capistran’s two-part exhibition “What We Want, What We Believe: Towards a Higher Fidelity” at the Visual Arts Center. Nearby, a… READ ON


Lauren Berlant

Lauren Berlant discusses “reading with” and her recent work

January 2014

Duke University Press recently published Sex, or The Unbearable, a long-form critical dialogue between theorists Lauren Berlant and Lee Edelman. Through a series of close readings addressing the work of Larry Johnson, Miranda July, Eve Kosofsky… READ ON