Anne Prentnieks

Salvatore Scarpitta

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

September 2014

Salvatore Scarpitta, ever fascinated by the drug of extreme risk, spent many of his eighty-eight years testing the outer limits of mortality as a speed racer. His obsession with the mechanics of speed, and the emotional intensity it inspires,… READ ON


Jerry Kearns

Mike Weiss Gallery

August 2014

KNOCK KNOCK. Jerry Kearns’s latest show beats down its own door and invades the gallery walls with acid-colored expressions printed in large-scale comic-book bubble letters. Their onomatopoeic allusions—SKREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!—vibrate,… READ ON


Jorinde Voigt

David Nolan Gallery

June 2014

In his monumental book, Love as Passion: The Codification of Intimacy, the social theorist Niklas Luhmann explored the cultural fusion of intimacy and matrimony, analyzing economic and political influences on love’s changing role in society.… READ ON


Rebecca Horn

Sean Kelly Gallery

May 2014

An eponymous poem by Rebecca Horn is the unseen backbone to “The Vertebrae Oracle,” the artist’s first solo show in New York since 2011. Honoring what would have been her friend Méret Oppenheim’s one-hundredth birthday, the poem … READ ON


Damian Loeb


March 2014

It isn’t easy to assign contemporary artistic companions to Damian Loeb’s work, which orbits in its own satellite of what has been called hyperreal pictorialism. The sixteen paintings in “Sol-d,” named for an obscure astronomical … READ ON


Martin Kippenberger

Skarstedt Gallery

March 2014

JE SUIS MÉDUSE. I am Medusa. These words hover, graffiti-like, in a speech bubble on the choppy blood-red ground seething through the chaotic central painting of Martin Kippenberger’s causa mortis series “The Raft of the Medusa,” 1996.… READ ON


Red Grooms

Yale University Art Gallery

March 2014

The Abstract Expressionist-era haunt Cedar Street Tavern is enlivened with nearly two dozen of its notorious patrons in Red Grooms’s Cedar Bar, 1986: Lee Krasner coolly holds court with Elaine de Kooning and Aristodimos Kaldis; further … READ ON


Kon Trubkovich

Marianne Boesky | Chelsea

March 2014

A pair of solid wooden doors with small brass knobs acts as the physical portal into “Snow,” Kon Trubkovich’s latest show. Opening them feels illicit, like entering a home without knocking. This intimacy is the base layer that connects… READ ON


David Altmejd

Andrea Rosen Gallery

February 2014

Aesop’s arboretum meets laboratory in “Juices,” David Altmejd’s latest exhibition, where three monumental works show life expanded by metamorphosis. The show’s centerpiece, The Flux and the Puddle, 2014, is a layered vitrine-like … READ ON


Lynda Benglis

Cheim & Read

January 2014

Lynda Benglis’s balletic clay tabletop sculptures (all works Untitled, 2013) read like tridimensional impasto brushstrokes: Folded, crushed, sloping, and unwittingly balanced, each piece conveys the mass and plasticity of its material in … READ ON