Anne Prentnieks

Devin Troy Strother

Marlborough | Chelsea

January 2015

Given the current acme of self-referencing Buzzfeed culture—the phrase 90s nostalgia is a nearly ubiquitous descriptor for the millennials’ tics—Devin Troy Strother’s new works are a timely celebration of the cannibalizing nature of… READ ON


Steven and William Ladd

Parrish Art Museum

December 2014

Like chapters from a Nordic storybook, the works in the latest show by brothers Steven and William Ladd, “Mary Queen of the Universe,” layer narrative over tradition with folksy sincerity. Created via rigorous collaboration, the prints,… READ ON


Niki de Saint Phalle

Grand Palais

October 2014

Spanning two floors of galleries at the Grand Palais, this overdue comprehensive survey of Niki de Saint Phalle’s work begins with the French artist’s early “assemblages” of the late 1950s and ’60s, in which she packed together … READ ON


Mickalene Thomas

Galerie Nathalie Obadia | 18 rue du Bourg-Tibourg

October 2014

At the center of Mickalene Thomas’s new body of paintings, drawings, and video work, a stately portrait reprises the artist’s depictions of one of her longtime models, Marie (Marie Femme Noire Nue Couchee 2, 2014). Building on Thomas’s… READ ON


Brian Calvin

Anton Kern Gallery

September 2014

At a moment when social-media fatigue may be finally tempering the ebullient narcissism of practically a decade of “status updates,” Brian Calvin’s new works crystallize the inevitable malaise of an acutely self-aware population. His … READ ON


Salvatore Scarpitta

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

September 2014

Salvatore Scarpitta, ever fascinated by the drug of extreme risk, spent many of his eighty-eight years testing the outer limits of mortality as a speed racer. His obsession with the mechanics of speed, and the emotional intensity it inspires,… READ ON



Honor Fraser

September 2014

In “MAN'S BEST FRIEND,” KAWS, aka graffiti artist turned animator turned mass-productionist Brian Donnelly, has reimagined some of his invented characters (such as the Dilly Bar–like Warm Regards, which also resembles a googly-eyed … READ ON


Jerry Kearns

Mike Weiss Gallery

August 2014

KNOCK KNOCK. Jerry Kearns’s latest show beats down its own door and invades the gallery walls with acid-colored expressions printed in large-scale comic-book bubble letters. Their onomatopoeic allusions—SKREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!—vibrate,… READ ON


Jorinde Voigt

David Nolan Gallery

June 2014

In his monumental book, Love as Passion: The Codification of Intimacy, the social theorist Niklas Luhmann explored the cultural fusion of intimacy and matrimony, analyzing economic and political influences on love’s changing role in society.… READ ON


Rebecca Horn

Sean Kelly Gallery

May 2014

An eponymous poem by Rebecca Horn is the unseen backbone to “The Vertebrae Oracle,” the artist’s first solo show in New York since 2011. Honoring what would have been her friend Méret Oppenheim’s one-hundredth birthday, the poem … READ ON