Beau Rutland

Josh Kline

47 Canal

September 2013

“Quality of Life,” Josh Kline’s second solo exhibition, feels like a culmination of sorts, certainly in regards to the resurgence of posthumanism in contemporary art—in the context of his work, bodies that have surpassed the human … READ ON


“Outside The Lines”

September 2013

Curated by Bill Arning, Valerie Cassel Oliver, and Dean Daderko This year, a string of six shows based around the current state of abstract painting will commemorate CAMH’s sixty-fifth anniversary. Forgoing a voguish focus on the medium… READ ON



Beau Rutland on Liz Larner’s Orchid, Buttermilk, Penny, 1987

September 2013

IT MAY SEEM RETARDATAIRE, but I’d like to have an intimate, lifelong relationship with an artwork, becoming so familiar with it that the effects of aging stand out against my memories of our initial acquaintance. Even those who don’t … READ ON

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Peter Roehr

September 2013

TURN WASTE GASOLINE INTO EXTRA MILEAGE. Fitting somewhere between a World War II pro-rationing slogan and ad copy for a fuel-efficient car, this saying appears over and over in Peter Roehr’s Film-Montagen I–III, 1965, a series of twenty-two… READ ON

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Faith Ringgold

June 2013

Faith Ringgold’s paintings from the 1960s stand alone and they have for some time. Long excluded from art-historical narratives, the canvases are frank and unforgiving in what they depict (racial conflicts, gender troubles), but they also… READ ON

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Peter Wächtler

April 2013

How do we describe our everyday existence? Colloquially, we might cheekily use the term rat race. In his first US exhibition, “B.A.C.K.,” German-born, Brussels-based artist Peter Wächtler seemed to take up this idiom, presenting a cartoon… READ ON

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Trisha Baga

March 2013

I once considered Trisha Baga a video artist, but the appellation doesn’t really fit any longer. Increasingly over the past two years, Baga has allowed the objects that have always accumulated around her projections—which she composes from… READ ON

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January 2013

THE TOFU WAS OOZING FASTER than Anicka Yi had expected. Untitled, 2011, her contribution to the 2011 New York group exhibition “Skin So Soft,” organized by fellow artist Josh Kline for Gresham’s Ghost, took the form of a winkingly … READ ON

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Beau Rutland

December 2012

I’M TEMPTED HERE to list off some of the great monographic undertakings of 2012. They were certainly satisfying, but the year’s instances of artists refusing to supply demand seem to be more memorable in the end.  What should have been… READ ON


Jana Euler

Real Fine Arts

May 2012

Don’t let the blonde by the window fool you. The three paintings in Jana Euler’s solo exhibition feature closely cropped women’s faces that mislead as agreeable representations of jeunes filles, but thinly painted (and veiled) skin … READ ON