Bob Nickas

Hudson (1950–2014)

Bob Nickas on Hudson (1950–2014)

June 2014

“THE END OF AN ERA.” That’s the common reaction when someone or something significant is lost—a historic train station that should have been landmarked and was ingloriously torn down, a person who embodied a higher standard to which… READ ON


Lou Reed (1942–2013)

Bob Nickas on Lou Reed (1942–2013)

January 2014

SIDE A  If there’s one tragic factor in the downfall of an artist, it’s that he or she forgets what he or she originally set out to do. This never happened to Lou Reed. All too often it’s the case that a few years into a career, artists… READ ON


Artforum, September 1969


November 2013

MY LUNCH PERIODS IN JUNIOR HIGH were rarely spent in the cafeteria or out on the playground. The quiet library was the preferred destination (along with the reedy woods behind the football field, where I discovered other loners, stoners, and… READ ON

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X-TG’s Desertshore/The Final Report


April 2013

WHEN A SONG OR A PIECE OF MUSIC is reimagined, we find ourselves in a loop, where points in time echo one another and reverberate, as if the original and the interpretation simultaneously emerge from speakers positioned to our left and right:… READ ON

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October 2012

IN HIS 1938 PAINTING Imaginary Portrait of D. A. F. de Sade, Man Ray renders the great libertine in profile, his features recognizably human—a blue eye, red lips—but his face and body made of worn gray blocks of stone, his name and dates … READ ON

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Daan van Golden

January 2012

Curated by Devrim Bayar Dutch painter Daan van Golden remains one of the art world’s best-kept secrets. Exhibiting infrequently and generating a relatively modest output, he’s an “artist’s artist,” reverently name-checked by fans… READ ON


Mark Grotjahn

January 2012

Mark Grotjahn’s first major museum survey will bring together the seemingly polar temperaments of the artist’s work—the sublime cool of his abstract “Butterfly” paintings (with which he is most closely associated) and the emotional… READ ON


“Chris Martin: Painting Big”

May 2011

Chris Martin, one of the most freewheeling abstract painters working today, serves up a tripartite exhibition for his first American museum survey, to be held in his hometown.… READ ON


Bob Nickas

December 2008

BOB NICKAS  1 Abstract painting With a new book under way, I’ve spent as much time in studios as at exhibitions this year. Among some memorable visits: Charline von Heyl, where I spent three hours (I left only because I had another … READ ON

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Philip Taaffe

May 2008

IT’S NOT SO EASY to recall that first hit, that immediate emotional and intellectual warp one felt when confronted by Philip Taaffe’s transformation of a Barnett Newman or a Bridget Riley in the mid-1980s. Maybe that’s what—and … READ ON

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