Cameron Martin

“Amy Sillman: One Lump or Two”

September 2013

Curated by Helen Molesworth Though Amy Sillman publicly declared that she had “broken up” with abstraction a few years ago, her recent work would suggest that the two are back on speaking terms. Their on-again, off-again relationship … READ ON


Cheyney Thompson

January 2012

Taking up the reins of 1960s and ’70s French Conceptual painting, Cheyney Thompson registers and examines the problematics inherent in painting’s production, economy, and circulation.… READ ON


Dike Blair

May 2010

ONE OF THE MANY gratifying aspects of Dike Blair’s ten-year sculpture and painting survey, “Now and Again,” recently on view at the Weatherspoon Art Musuem in Greensboro, North Carolina, was how it allowed the artist to fully exercise… READ ON

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