Catherine Taft


March 2015

LIKE WILLIAM BLAKE, who wrote, “I must create a system or be enslaved by another man’s,” Jim Shaw is compelled by a logic of his own design, inventing alternate realities as bulwarks against—and cautionary tales about—contemporary … READ ON

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Christopher Williams

Christopher Williams speaks about his touring retrospective

July 2014

Since the early 1980s, Cologne- and Los Angeles–based artist Christopher Williams has utilized photographic discourse as a way to analyze social, cultural, institutional, and economic histories. He speaks here about his three-part exhibition… READ ON


Paul Heyer

January 2014

Oarfish, a twenty-seven-foot-tall soft sculpture representing the titular deep-sea creature, its silver silk body speckled with sumi-ink brushstrokes, presided over Paul Heyer’s second solo exhibition at Night Gallery. With a rippling, … READ ON

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Llyn Foulkes

April 2013

WE CAN’T ALL BE GOOD LOOKING: This ugly truth is written in the margin of a drawing, inked around 1949, by a teenage Llyn Foulkes. Fourteen or fifteen years old, the aspiring cartoonist sketches six goon-like men whose jowls droop, nostrils… READ ON

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Amelie von Wulffen

November 2012

Amelie von Wulffen’s first solo museum show in the US comprised fifteen canvases that surrounded a conspicuous architectural intervention: The main gallery’s ductwork had been handpainted green and connected to the gallery floor by four… READ ON

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Allison Schulnik

October 2012

For such gendered mythological creatures, mermaids have a peculiarly sexless anatomy, at least below their scaled hips. So when Allison Schulnik paints a work like Mermaid with Legs (all works cited, 2012)—a large canvas depicting a seated… READ ON

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Sachs Race

The 2012 ArtCRUSH

August 2012 ASPEN

TOM SACHS HAS MADE an art of aping the emblems and rituals of American culture. So when the artist was honored during the rituals of this year’s ArtCRUSH, it seemed a chance for the culture to give back. Wednesday marked the kick-off of … READ ON


Lost Weekend

Dave Muller’s Three Day Weekend


“HAS IT REALLY BEEN TEN YEARS?” more than one partygoer wondered aloud last Friday night at the opening of Dave Muller’s resurrected Three Day Weekend (TWD). Indeed, it had been nearly a decade since the artist hosted one of his … READ ON


Mitchell Syrop

May 2012

It would be all too easy to describe Mitchell Syrop’s recent body of text-based works as the product of some loose stream of consciousness. But this show’s sole work, Bifurcated Life, 2011—comprising twenty-eight archival prints, each … READ ON

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Liz Glynn

April 2012

In her exhibition “No Second Troy,” Liz Glynn made her own archaeological dig through the epic chronicles of “Priam’s Treasure”—the supposed gold of Troy discovered by the German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann in 1873—in order… READ ON

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