Chris Bors


Point Centre for Contemporary Art

July 2013

A fresh perspective is taking place in an evolving exhibition of art on loan from the Cypriot State Collection of Contemporary Art. Chosen by twenty-seven participants from a range of disciplines, such as art history, archaeology, and dance,… READ ON


“Topsy Turvy”

De Appel

July 2012

Curated by director Ann Demeester, “Topsy Turvy,” the first exhibition in De Appel’s new location and renovated space, lives up to its title, as many of the works create a sense of confusion, or at least point to the more aberrant … READ ON


“Prix de Rome 2011”

July 2011

This exhibition brings together the work of the finalists and nominees for the 2011 Prix de Rome prize for visual arts, thus providing the audience a chance to judge for themselves. The jury for this year’s edition awarded first place to … READ ON


“Audience as Subject, Part 1: Medium”

January 2011

Organized by Betti-Sue Hertz, this show, the first stage of a two-part exhibition, examines the identity and role of the audience with respect to live events, focusing on venues that restrict the number of viewers relative to the size of the… READ ON


Sarah Lucas

August 2010

Sometimes the simplest idea can be very effective. A case in point: Sarah Lucas’s “NUDS” sculptures: nylon tights filled with kapok stuffing, resting on cement blocks atop wood pedestals. Although made from materials similar to those … READ ON


Kostis Velonis

August 2010

You say you want a revolution? Look no further than Kostis Velonis’s timely exhibition at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Greece, opening just days after protests erupted in response to new economic measures. Velonis’s painted… READ ON


“I’m Not Here. An Exhibition Without Francis Als”

May 2010

This group exhibition, organized by current participants in the de Appel Curatorial Program, features fourteen artists whose work captures the spirit of Francis Alÿs’s practice by confronting us with enigmatic objects and situations that… READ ON