Chris Kraus

Susanne M. Winterling

Susanne M. Winterling talks about her project at Kunstverein in Amsterdam

May 2014

Susanne M. Winterling is an artist based in Berlin and Oslo. “Complicity,” her project at Amsterdam’s Kunstverein, gathers works by painter Romaine Brooks, architect and designer Eileen Gray, and the writers Carson McCullers and Annemarie… READ ON


Channa Horwitz


September 2013

SURROUNDED BY FAMILY AND FRIENDS at the opening of her solo exhibition at Los Angeles’s François Ghebaly Gallery this past April, Channa Horwitz watched from a bench as viewers donned slippers and entered the immersive space of her … READ ON

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Annette Weisser

Annette Weisser talks about her exhibition at the Heidelberger Kunstverein

July 2013

Coming of age in Germany in the 1980s, Annette Weisser and her generation were caught between a genuine horror of fascism and disgust with the official national creed of repentance. Considering this almost-forgotten history is to ask oneself… READ ON


“Bolaņo Archive: 1977–2003”

January 2013

Curated by Valérie Miles and Juan Insua Despite the abundance of material by Roberto Bolaño published since his death in 2003, no full-length critical biography of the Chilean-born writer has yet appeared. Readers have been left to comb … READ ON



January 2011

CHRIS KRAUS  FOR PAUL THEK, painting was a both a vocation and a discipline. “We must discover WHY we are really painting, really WHY . . . painters are priests . . . IT IS A GLORIOUS JOB + WE . . . TRY ALWAYS HARDER + ALWAYS WE KNOW IT… READ ON

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Dino Dinco and Julio Torres

December 2010

“Todos Somos Putos” (We Are All Faggots), an exhibition created by Los Angeles–based Dino Dinco and Mexicali artist Julio Torres, was, as its title suggests, an argument for the persistence of nonassimilated queer culture on both sides… READ ON

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Emi Fontana

Emi Fontana talks about West of Rome

August 2010

Influenced by the Italian student movement of the 1970s during her childhood in Rome, dealer turned curator Emi Fontana recently closed her Milan gallery to found West of Rome, an organization whose events are redefining public art in Los … READ ON


Candice Breitz

December 2009

Candice Breitz’s first North American survey, “Same Same,” debuted the initial three installments of “Factum,” 2009–, a series of intimate, understated video installations that mark a departure from her trademark engagement with… READ ON

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Lisa Kirk

May 2009

Inspired by the theatricality of street and media activism, Lisa Kirk’s projects—or, as she sometimes calls them, “social occasions”—are marked by a winning combination of wit, nerve, charm, and aggression. For “The Greatest Show… READ ON

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Pauline Stella Sanchez

January 2009

Dedicated to “those with no face and no voice,” Pauline Stella Sanchez’s exhibition at Rosamund Felsen Gallery concluded a trilogy of mixed-media shows, begun in 2001, in which the artist engaged with tropes culled from art history, … READ ON

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