Courtney Fiske

Oedipal Complex

Courtney Fiske on three documentaries on Louise Bourgeois

April 2013

“EVERYTHING I DO WAS INSPIRED by my early life,” Louise Bourgeois divulged to Artforum on the occasion of her 1982 retrospective at MoMA, the venue’s first to fete a female artist. The statement, couched in bold cursive beside a photograph… READ ON


Joel Shapiro

Craig F. Starr Gallery

March 2013

Float Joel Shapiro’s name in an art-world crowd, and the images conjured will likely be of shrunken bronze houses and barely balanced sculptures. Spanning the period from 1969—the year of his inclusion in the Whitney’s pulse-taking … READ ON


“Dieter Roth. Björn Roth”

Hauser & Wirth | Chelsea

February 2013

“Nonart,” wrote Allan Kaprow in a 1971 essay, “exists only fleetingly, like some subatomic particle, or perhaps only as a postulate.” Of any artist, Dieter Roth, whose 1969 US debut entailed staging suitcases of unwrapped cheese at … READ ON


Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Courtney Fiske on Dan Graham and Peter Adair at Light Industry

February 2013

“IF ART IS ONLY A BUSINESS, AS WARHOL SUGGESTS,” scrolls boxy, yellow text down a black screen, “then music expresses a more communal, transcendental emotion which art now denies.” The words are Dan Graham’s, pronounced near the … READ ON


Gaylen Gerber


January 2013

Since the late 1980s, Chicago-based artist Gaylen Gerber has coated square canvases in a lusterless gray and lent them to fellow artists, inviting them to intervene atop his own intervention. In his latest show, Gerber continues his series … READ ON


Worlds Apart

Courtney Fiske on Baraka and “See It in 70 mm!”

December 2012

RON FRICKE’S BARAKA is a curio of 1990s filmmaking. Part nature documentary, part animated panorama, the film and its epic, breathless ambitions failed to ramify. Viewed today, the singularity of Baraka’s style lends it the dated feel … READ ON


Leslie Hewitt

Leslie Hewitt talks about Untitled (Structures)

December 2012

Leslie Hewitt is an artist based in New York whose work engages with the ways in which photographs encode time and mediate historical understanding. Her dual-channel video installation Untitled (Structures), 2012, is a collaborative project… READ ON


Diana Thater

David Zwirner

November 2012

Diana Thater’s intricate video installation Chernobyl, 2010, opens, on its backmost screen, with sunrise over the titular sarcophagus: a concrete tomb, ceaselessly shored, that contains the infamous reactor’s noxious remains. The image … READ ON


Guillermo Kuitca

The Drawing Center

November 2012

Guillermo Kuitca’s ongoing “Diarios” develop atop lapsed, cast-off canvases. Drawn taut across a circular table in Kuitca’s studio, each is left to accrue residues of the artist’s quotidian routine for spans of three to six months.… READ ON


Day Break

Courtney Fiske on Day (Rives) and “Salut les jeunes: Young French Cinema”

October 2012

ARMEL HOSTIOU’S first feature-length film envisions Paris as a contemplative landscape of haze and flux. Screening as part of a series of debut works by young French filmmakers, Day (Rives) follows three characters as they navigate the city… READ ON