Courtney Fiske

“Parasitic Gaps”

Team Gallery | Grand Street

September 2013

That the press release for this show appears in compressed black type, barely contained to the page’s bounds, is fitting. Deftly curated by Team’s director, Miriam Katzeff, “Parasitic Gaps” tasks itself with plumbing language’s … READ ON


Robert Irwin

Whitney Museum of American Art

August 2013

In 1970, Robert Irwin quit his studio and made for the Mojave. Abjuring the canvas’s obdurate frame and the Rorschachability of abstract gesture, the erstwhile painter vowed to create work in response, whether to a particular room or a … READ ON


Off the Grid

Courtney Fiske on Agnes Martin’s Gabriel

August 2013

WHAT THEY WERE ABOUT, Agnes Martin would never quite say. Up close, their surface resolves in iterated lines that skim or settle into the canvas’s tooth; at mid-distance, their right-angled spread becomes a quivering moiré; a few steps … READ ON


Against the Grain

Courtney Fiske on Anthony McCall and Andrew Tyndall’s Argument

July 2013

IN SEPTEMBER 1977, Anthony McCall teamed with journalist Andrew Tyndall to make a narrative feature. A transplant to TriBeCa from London, McCall was then best known for his “solid light” films: tracings of simple geometries in space by … READ ON


Zilia Sánchez

Artists Space : Exhibitions

June 2013

Zilia Sánchez composes her paintings in a syntax of soft swells and fleshed incurves. Born in pre-Castro Cuba, she moved to New York in 1964, where she remained for nearly a decade before settling in Puerto Rico. Contra the heterodox waxes… READ ON


Michele Abeles

47 Canal

May 2013

Michele Abeles’s ink-jet prints emerge through twin operations of building up and flattening out. In the nine compositions on view, Abeles permutes a stock vernacular of images—palm fronds, stippled skin, torn newspaper, a box of Abilify—that… READ ON


Oedipal Complex

Courtney Fiske on three documentaries on Louise Bourgeois

April 2013

“EVERYTHING I DO WAS INSPIRED by my early life,” Louise Bourgeois divulged to Artforum on the occasion of her 1982 retrospective at MoMA, the venue’s first to fete a female artist. The statement, couched in bold cursive beside a photograph… READ ON


Joel Shapiro

Craig F. Starr Gallery

March 2013

Float Joel Shapiro’s name in an art-world crowd, and the images conjured will likely be of shrunken bronze houses and barely balanced sculptures. Spanning the period from 1969—the year of his inclusion in the Whitney’s pulse-taking … READ ON


“Dieter Roth. Björn Roth”

Hauser & Wirth | Chelsea

February 2013

“Nonart,” wrote Allan Kaprow in a 1971 essay, “exists only fleetingly, like some subatomic particle, or perhaps only as a postulate.” Of any artist, Dieter Roth, whose 1969 US debut entailed staging suitcases of unwrapped cheese at … READ ON


Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Courtney Fiske on Dan Graham and Peter Adair at Light Industry

February 2013

“IF ART IS ONLY A BUSINESS, AS WARHOL SUGGESTS,” scrolls boxy, yellow text down a black screen, “then music expresses a more communal, transcendental emotion which art now denies.” The words are Dan Graham’s, pronounced near the … READ ON