Daniel Quiles

Tom Humphreys

October 2014

At first glance, the six ceramic tile grids in Tom Humphreys’s exhibition “Tours”—all Untitled, 2014—looked like a return to the sort of 1980s postmodernism that superimposed contradictory styles. Each industrially produced tile was… READ ON

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Karthik Pandian

June 2014

In life after life 1 (all works 2014), a silent, color 16-mm film that is Karthik Pandian’s first collaboration with Paige K. Johnston, fair-skinned arms hold a series of fruits and vegetables before the camera: cucumber, eggplant, mango,… READ ON

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“Lygia Clark: The Abandonment of Art, 1948–1988”

May 2014

Curated by Luis Pérez-Oramas and Connie Butler Now regarded as one of the postwar era’s most important artists, Lygia Clark produced a generative body of abstract painting in the 1950s, reinvented sculpture with her participatory objects… READ ON


“Beyond the Supersquare”

May 2014

Curated by Holly Block and María Inés Rodríguez This exhibition—derived from a 2011 Bronx Museum symposium and accompanying volume of the same name—takes Lucio Costa’s idealized dwelling unit in Brasília, the superquadra, as a … READ ON


Renata Har

May 2014

Renata Har’s Podium, 2014, consists of a found section of green cardboard wallpaper that was damaged in a Berlin apartment fire and left in the street. Nailed to the wall, this tattered object clearly shows smoke damage on its bottom edge,… READ ON

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Jef Geys

April 2014

Twenty-one black-and-white photographs of cows, arranged in a vertical grid seven high and three across, adorn the front page of the special edition of KEMPENS Informatieblad (KEMPENS Information Journal)—a sort of personal newspaper named… READ ON

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Stephen Willats

March 2014

Stephen Willats's Super 8 film A Progression of Signs, one component of his mixed-media work In the Beginning, 2011, recalls Hollis Frampton’s Zorns Lemma, 1970. In both films, shots of public space click by in a steady rhythm: street signs,… READ ON

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Duncan Hannah

February 2014

In his book Retromania: Pop Culture’s Addiction to Its Own Past (2011), Simon Reynolds unpacks a less-discussed register of the Sex Pistols’ legendary exhortation “No Future.” In addition to its apocalyptic disregard for what was to… READ ON

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Cruzamentos: Contemporary Art in Brazil”

January 2014

Curated by Bill Horrigan, Jennifer Lange, and Paulo Venancio Filho With the Neo-concrete generation of the 1960s and ’70s now canonized, international attention has turned to Brazilian artists born during that heyday, for whom this past … READ ON


Artie Vierkant

December 2013

The black square, once the triumphant “zero degree” of modern form, is now a screen—a window screen, to be exact. For “US 6318569 B1, US 8118919 B1; (Exploits),” his first solo exhibition in Paris, New Yorker Artie Vierkant secured… READ ON

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