David Velasco

Take a Bow

A gala for MoMA and Volkswagen

May 2011 NEW YORK

“MADONNA HAS SO MUCH INFLUENCE in every sphere. I think she could kill people just by looking at them.”  We walked by the paparazzi step-and-repeat and down a blue carpet in MoMA’s sculpture garden, passing male models who held umbrellas… READ ON


Press Play

The New York contemporary art evening sales

May 2011 NEW YORK

THE SATURDAY BEFORE LAST, Christie’s hosted a tony “Bear Party” in a big plastic tent erected at the Seagram Plaza in Midtown. No bears attended. “A straight person must have thought of that name,” someone murmured outside, their … READ ON


Long Weekend

Gallery Weekend Berlin

May 2011 BERLIN

AI WEIWEI WAS NOT at the dinner held in his honor Friday night at Tim Raue, the Michelin-star restaurant around the corner from that old-school symbol of the old-school cold war, Checkpoint Charlie. Nor was he amid the convocation of concerned… READ ON


“Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty”

May 2011

Considering the eloquent bravura of Alexander McQueen’s creations, it’s no surprise that the designer redefined the runway as a stage for high-concept theatrics.… READ ON


Terence Koh

May 2011

For better or worse, Terence Koh is a serious artist. You have to be serious to spend twenty-six days in a gallery circumnavigating a mountain of salt on your knees, as Koh did for “nothingtoodoo,” his solo debut at Mary Boone Gallery. … READ ON

IN PRINT May 2011 [TOC]

Twilight Zona

The eighth Zona Maco

April 2011 MEXICO CITY

“THE WORLD’S GOTTEN SMALLER,” a dealer tells us in the car to Polanco from Mexico City International Airport. “Everywhere is important. You can’t overlook anyplace. No matter how provincial.”  “Excuse me,” a writer pipes up.… READ ON


Sarah Michelson

March 2011

It’s a bit like Sarah Michelson has taken the carcass of dance and reanimated it via some sort of highly personal transvaluation machine, an apparatus powered not by a storm but by rakish lighting and thunderous music. But this makes the … READ ON

IN PRINT March 2011 [TOC]


David Velasco on Christian Marclay’s The Clock

February 2011

IT SEEMS WE GO TO THE MOVIES TO FORGET TIME, or at least to think it differently. There’s good reason Graham Greene considered his four and a half years reviewing films for The Spectator an “escape.” Christian Marclay’s The Clock, … READ ON

IN PRINT February 2011 [TOC]

Fair Trade

The VIP Art Fair


EVERYONE WAS AT THE VERNISSAGE for the VIP Art Fair last Saturday morning. Or so you would think, given the not-so-VIP wait times. Even those with a special VIP pass found it awfully hard to load the online-only fair’s login page for the … READ ON


The Other Tradition

January 2011

Curated by Elena Filipovic Art history is built from the lagan of competing traditions. Filipovic’s polemical group show, which borrows its title, “The Other Tradition,” from Gene Swenson’s 1966 curatorial gambit at the Institute of… READ ON