David Velasco

Ishmael Houston-Jones

Ishmael Houston-Jones discusses Them

September 2010

The New York–based choreographer Ishmael Houston-Jones has been a leader and educator in the field of contemporary dance for over thirty years. This year, the New Museum and Performance Space 122 are coproducing the twenty-fifth-anniversary… READ ON


Larry Clark

September 2010

Curated by Sébastien Gokalp Larry Clark’s never-never land is the everyman’s nightmare. Adolescent burnout, teenage turpitude, drugs, sex, American decay: The vigilant Clark limns a familiar car-crash narrative, as much fodder for the… READ ON


Ann Liv Young


September 2010

IF SHERRY WERE ANY GOOD, she wouldn’t have to insult other people. The Kitchen in New York won’t present her work again, she guesses, “because I’m nasty to the audience.” Sherry sure is nasty. And mercurial, brash, honest, and mean.… READ ON

IN PRINT September 2010 [TOC]

Real to Reel

The finale viewing party for Bravo’s Work of Art

August 2010 NEW YORK

LAST WEDNESDAY, parents, press, and punters joined artists and “celebrity guest judges” like Will Cotton and Richard Phillips at the “world-famous Brooklyn Museum” for the finale viewing party of Bravo’s Work of Art. I would have … READ ON


Wild West

A Ryan Trecartin opening at LA MoCA


SHARON STONE, Eva Longoria, Jeffrey Deitch: check. No James Franco, Salma Hayek Pinault, John Baldessari. But yes: Joaquin Phoenix, Rose McGowan, Michael Govan, Michel Auder, Ruben Ochoa, Yoshua Okon, Shaun Caley Regen, Liz Goldwyn . . . … READ ON


Tony Basel

The 41st edition of Art Basel

June 2010 BASEL

FOR ALL ITS undeniable charm, Aarau is not an obvious destination on the art-world map. But there many of us were early on a sunny Sunday morning, hovering over a very orderly Swiss buffet brunch of käse and brot and kaffee. It’s possible… READ ON


Manhattan Transfer

The opening of “Mixed Use, Manhattan” at the Reina Sofía

June 2010 MADRID

MADRID NUNCA DUERME, they’ve said. Of course, New York never sleeps either. (No rest for the wicked.) So it wasn’t so strange, perhaps, that the two cities became bedfellows last Wednesday during the opening of Douglas Crimp and Lynne … READ ON


Catherine Opie

June 2010

Catherine Opie began her “public” artistic career in 1991 with a series of thirteen photographs titled “Being and Having.” The title was a seeming allusion to Jacques Lacan’s contentious psychoanalytic system that posits women as … READ ON

IN PRINT Summer 2010 [TOC]

American Idols

Christie’s and Sotheby’s evening sales

May 2010 NEW YORK

“LADIES!—TEN TO FIFTEEN,” said a woman in gray sweatpants eyeing Lot 45, Warhol’s Silver Liz, 1963. She meant the estimate: ten to fifteen million.  “Not very well stretched,” sniffed another, wearing a quilted Burberry jacket.… READ ON


Late Show

Art Cologne and Art Brussels

May 2010 COLOGNE

BY THE TIME I reached Art Cologne, Eyjafjallajökull had pretty much stopped its hysterics.  But this didn’t mean everything was back to normal. To arrive on day three of an international art fair at the tail end of the largest airspace … READ ON