David Velasco

Matthew Barney: Prayer Sheet with the Wound and Nail

May 2010

Holbein, Dürer, Cranach, Schongauer, Baldung Grien . . . Matthew Barney: an unorthodox lineup, to be sure, but not necessarily an unnatural one (think perfervid narratives of suffering flesh and transubstantiation).… READ ON


Jamie Isenstein

May 2010

“Live” art is for the living; by extension, it can die. Narratives around performance art have begun to adopt the language of endangered-species programs, with words like re-creation and preservation becoming switch points for whole … READ ON

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Faye Driscoll

Faye Driscoll talks about There is so much mad in me

April 2010

In 2008 the choreographer Faye Driscoll’s 837 Venice Boulevard was hailed as one of the top five dances of the year by the New York Times, and in 2009, her video Loneliness was featured in “Younger than Jesus,” the first edition of the… READ ON



April 2010

“Blind Sculpture,” Gelitin’s first solo exhibition at Greene Naftali Gallery, began as a diurnal “happening”: Over the course of eight days, the collective’s four artists—along with two full-time helpers and between four and … READ ON

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March 2010

IT ALL BEGAN WITH A HURRICANE NAMED FLOYD; where it will end is anyone’s guess. What happens in between is Los Angeles–based artist Kelly Nipper’s Floyd on the Floor. Ongoing since 2005, Floyd on the Floor is a sprawling metaproject to… READ ON

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Christian Holstad

March 2010

An OPEN sign Scotch-taped to Daniel Reich Gallery’s front door was hardly an idle signifer. With all its low-rent connotations, its purpose was evidently to inform passersby that the gallery was taking customers (and to implicate the casual… READ ON

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White Columns Annual

February 2010

For the opening only, a video made in conjunction with this past summer’s exhibition “Mirror Me” at Dispatch in New York’s Chinatown was the lodestar of the fourth iteration of “Looking Back: The White Columns Annual,” curated by… READ ON

IN PRINT February 2010 [TOC]

The Talent Show

January 2010

With “The Talent Show,” curator Peter Eleey continues to forge his unique brand of piquant apperception.… READ ON




January 2010

RENÉ RIVERA IS A SLIGHT, CASUALLY COMPOSED seventy-four-year-old Nuyorican in thick glasses. He’s so inconspicuous as to stand out: It took three days of encountering Rivera in plain clothes during the “LIVE FILM! JACK SMITH! Five Flaming… READ ON

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Santigold Standard

The eighth Art Basel Miami Beach

December 2009 MIAMI

IS THIS THE NEW “MATURE” MIAMI? The story this year, after the success of the New York auctions, was supposed to be one of recrudescent decadence and sybaritic splendor: big sales and Sex Pistols on the beach. Instead, the first two days… READ ON