David Velasco



January 2010

RENÉ RIVERA IS A SLIGHT, CASUALLY COMPOSED seventy-four-year-old Nuyorican in thick glasses. He’s so inconspicuous as to stand out: It took three days of encountering Rivera in plain clothes during the “LIVE FILM! JACK SMITH! Five Flaming… READ ON

IN PRINT January 2010 [TOC]

Santigold Standard

The eighth Art Basel Miami Beach

December 2009 MIAMI

IS THIS THE NEW “MATURE” MIAMI? The story this year, after the success of the New York auctions, was supposed to be one of recrudescent decadence and sybaritic splendor: big sales and Sex Pistols on the beach. Instead, the first two days… READ ON




December 2009

THE SKY WAS GLEAMING one day and gray the next. Over two consecutive afternoons, a small crowd gathered, waiting patiently, in Rockefeller Park in New York. Each day, a strange horn sounded, eleven dancers dressed like superheroes cut across… READ ON

IN PRINT December 2009 [TOC]

Tris Vonna-Michell

November 2009

If I were Tris Vonna-Michell, I might be tempted to use this occasion to embark upon an abridged, extemporaneous ramble about the convoluted path to my first New York solo exhibition, at X Initiative, with sashays through the New Museum’s… READ ON

IN PRINT November 2009 [TOC]

Matthew Barney and Elizabeth Peyton

November 2009

A makeshift tarpaulin body bag left on the road’s shoulder signaled something nefarious, something noir. In the crepuscular light, a scrawny orange cat—a common sight on Hydra—fished under the tarp and apparently found something it … READ ON

IN PRINT November 2009 [TOC]

Tacita Dean

Tacita Dean talks about Merce Cunningham and Craneway Event

October 2009

In April 2007, the Berlin-based English artist Tacita Dean filmed Merce Cunningham performs STILLNESS . . . (six performances, six films), a series of 16-mm portraits of the legendary choreographer performing to John Cage’s 4'33". In November… READ ON


Miguel Gutierrez

Miguel Gutierrez talks about Last Meadow

September 2009

In 2002, the choreographer Miguel Gutierrez received his first Bessie Award, as a performer in John Jasperse’s company; by 2006, Gutierrez had won a Bessie in the category of choreography for his works Retrospective Exhibitionist and … READ ON


Performa 09

September 2009

RoseLee Goldberg likens Performa, the sprawling live-art biennial she founded and directs, to a “museum without walls.”… READ ON


Patty Chang

September 2009

Would Walter Benjamin be repulsed to find his corpulence represented on-screen? Would he be put off by the portrayal of his flaccid penis, of his own emasculation, as an actor playing him is directed to gingerly delight in a woman’s supple… READ ON

IN PRINT September 2009 [TOC]

Dancers and the Dance

A Merce Cunningham Event at Rockefeller Park

August 2009 NEW YORK

ON AUGUST 1 AND 2, less than a week after Merce Cunningham’s death, members of his company gathered in Lower Manhattan to perform their first scheduled piece since his passing: the last, presumably, of the legendary site-specific Events to… READ ON