Eugenio Viola

“Francis Bacon and the Existential Condition in Contemporary Art”

La Strozzina

December 2012

While any attempt at imitating Francis Bacon would irremediably descend into mannerism, this aptly titled exhibition, “Francis Bacon and the Existential Condition in Contemporary Art,” gestures at artistic lessons that can be gleaned from… READ ON


Gavin Russom

Galleria Fonti

March 2012

For his current solo exhibition, musician, producer, and artist Gavin Russom presents a heterogeneous gathering of mixed-media works, which he made without with his frequent collaborator, Delia Gonzalez. The attitude that underpins Russom… READ ON


Jake and Dinos Chapman

September 2011

We have long been accustomed to thinking of the work of the Chapman brothers as a monad, a single unit that shares methodologies and practices through a process unknown to us. Provocateurs by profession, this time, at least according to them,… READ ON


Arte essenziale

July 2011

In a time when many continue to lament what they see as the inexorable decline of theory’s role in criticism, “Arte essenziale” (Essential Art), curated by philosopher Federico Ferrari, does its part to placate concerns with an exploration… READ ON


Yinka Shonibare

April 2011

Yinka Shonibare’s syncretic work investigates ethnic and cultural identity, the effects of postcolonialism, and the processes of hybridization at work in contemporary society. That the artist depicts himself as a “dandy”—at first … READ ON


Carlos Garaicoa

March 2011

In his work, the Cuban artist Carlos Garaicoa searches for traces, relationships, and connections between the past and present as he interweaves reality and fiction, poetry and critique. His works transform space, creating palimpsests where… READ ON


Delia Gonzalez

February 2011

Delia Gonzalez’s second solo exhibition at Fonti is completely different from her 2005 show with Gavin Russom, whom she often works with. While the earlier work was suspended between anthropology and psychedelia, totem and taboo, her latest… READ ON


Larry Clark

December 2010

This powerful Larry Clark retrospective fully conveys the universe of one of the most maudit American artists of his generation. From the first, shocking images of Clark’s native city in the series “Tulsa,” 1963–71, to the latest, … READ ON


Marina Abramović, Paul McCarthy, “Sk-Interfaces”

November 2010

“The Artist Is Present,” Marina Abramović’s dazzling retrospective at MoMA, was certainly among the finer exhibitions of 2010. Beyond the complex and constant play of references in her oeuvre, the show spectacularly reasserted the … READ ON


Tris Vonna-Michell

October 2010

A meditative reflection on what constitutes an artwork animates Tris Vonna-Michell’s second solo exhibition at this gallery. In a destabilizing synthesis of art and life, the show offers a half-open panorama onto the artist’s biography … READ ON