Gabriel H. Sanchez

Timur Si-Qin

Timur Si-Qin speaks about his work in the 2014 Taipei Biennial

September 2014

In Timur Si-Qin’s recent work, commercial and stock photography, as well as displays like those often found in malls and stores, are presented as biological relics. The first part—aptly titled “Part One”—of the Berlin-based artist’s… READ ON



Mitchell-Innes & Nash | Chelsea

July 2014

“Slip” acts as a sort of pharmaceutical downer, sedating our immediate realities into a meditative blur. Brock Enright’s Secret 3 (all works cited 2014) exists as a pair of immaculate Dorito chips sheathed in gold leaf and accompanied… READ ON


Jon Rafman

Jon Rafman discusses his show at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis

July 2014

Jon Rafman is a Canadian artist whose work explores shifting boundaries between the virtual and the real while acknowledging fading distinctions between the two. Here, he discusses his recent work and debut solo exhibition in an American … READ ON


“Home Sweet Home: À propos de l'inquiétude”


May 2014

For the inaugural exhibition at this space, curators Olivia Boudreau and France Choinière have assembled a selection of photographs, films, and a site-specific installation that posit the concept of “home” as a place of impossible … READ ON


“Thousand Year Old Child”


April 2014

A thousand years later, the eponymous child evoked by this group show has apparently not learned any manners. Participating artists Glen Baldridge, Ian Cooper, and David Kennedy Cutler present an exhibition that personifies our unwavering … READ ON


Laurie Simmons

Salon 94 | Bowery

April 2014

If Laurie Simmons’s early works from the late 1970s function as a microcosm of repressed societal woes, many depicting miniature figurines of apprehensively posed housewives, she has today a poignant commonality in Japanese cosplay. A … READ ON


“What Is a Photograph?”

ICP - International Center of Photography

February 2014

Many of the artists in this expansive exhibition place an emphasis on the physicality—or lack thereof—of photography rather than on its capacity to represent the outside world. As a whole, “What Is a Photograph?” might be taken as a… READ ON


Thomas Struth

Marian Goodman Gallery | New York

January 2014

For his first solo exhibition in the United States in some four years, Thomas Struth debuts a collection of photographs that depicts sites of fantastic technological innovation. Of the fourteen works on view, which include an image of the … READ ON


Barbara Probst

Murray Guy

December 2013

A single work by Barbara Probst may contain as many as a dozen perspectives of a single subject, captured simultaneously by triggering a radio-controlled release system. Her latest exhibition expands upon her two-plus-decade practice, during… READ ON