Gemma Tipton

“Constructed Culture Sounds Like Conculture”

Ellis King

February 2015

I love a good dose of constructed culture, those slightly out-of-kilter worlds in which speculative fiction thrives. In this exhibition curated by Samuel Leuenberger at a relative newcomer to the Dublin arts scene, there are five artists … READ ON


Niamh O’Malley

Douglas Hyde Gallery

January 2015

Often unnoticed, it forms the invisible protective barrier between an artwork and the world, the screen behind which a video plays, the lens of a camera: Glass takes center stage in Niamh O’Malley’s most recent body of work. As a metaphor… READ ON


John Gerrard

Public Art Fund | Lincoln Center

November 2014

Installed on a massive LED wall at the Lincoln Center’s main plaza, John Gerrard’s Solar Reserve, 2014, could at first sight appear to be footage of the Hajj, the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, during which Muslims circle the sacred… READ ON


Elaine Byrne

Limerick City Gallery of Art

November 2014

In 1939, architect, artist, theorist, and theater designer Frederick Kiesler presciently coined the term correalism to refer to the interaction between people and their natural and technological surroundings. This installation by Elaine Byrne… READ ON


Mark Clare

Crawford Art Gallery

October 2014

Concerned with the forces and systems that shape and observe us, Mark Clare’s practice easily seems to span disparate elements, but with good curation, it yields a satisfying thesis. Remote Control Technologies, 2011 is a large blue box on… READ ON


Marilyn Lerner

Butler Gallery

September 2014

For anyone who’s been harboring a sneaking suspicion that hard-edged geometric abstraction might be a little—how to put this?—passé, Marilyn Lerner demonstrates its enduring energy: She mines the full potential of this genre of painting… READ ON


Fringe Fringe

The Edinburgh Arts Festival

August 2014 EDINBURGH

IT STARTED GENTLY ENOUGH. Pale sun danced over the green lawns of Modern One and fell across the corrugated polycarbonate sides of the Pig Rock Bothy. Bobby Niven’s elaborate shed will become home to a program of performances and residencies… READ ON


Caoimhe Kilfeather

Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, Temple Bar Gallery & Studios

July 2014

Oiled, pigmented paper in shades of blue hangs in loose panels from a metal frame, screening the gallery from the bustle of the cobbled streets outside. The gallery is located in Dublin’s Cultural Quarter, an area thronged with visitors. … READ ON


Liver’s Leap

The Galway International Arts Festival


IN GALWAY CITY ON SUNDAY, the film crowd was leaving as the twenty-sixth Film Fleadh segued into the Galway International Arts Festival. You could spot them easily: baseball caps at breakfast in the hotels, an urgency in the matter of … READ ON


Eva Rothschild

Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane

July 2014

Playful and subversive, yet completely assured in execution, Eva Rothschild’s series of installations at the Hugh Lane Gallery hint at a retelling of the history of sculpture. Klassix, 2013, has the appearance of a Doric column, topped … READ ON