Hili Perlson

“Wanton Mobility”


July 2014

In this Anthropocene age marked by discoveries of “plastiglomerates”—composites of molten plastic trapped in Arctic ice, rock formations, or floating in the oceans like islands of toxic goo—a young generation of artists is renegotiating… READ ON


Will Benedict

Balice Hertling | Paris

June 2014

Will Benedict’s two-dimensional work became known for his use of a picture-in-a-picture ploy, reminiscent of over-the-shoulder digital graphics used in nightly newscasts. The artist mounts his main canvases on foamcore panels, paints their… READ ON


Leidy Churchman


June 2014

A large painting, Big Kali (Goddess of Time and Death) (all works cited 2014), depicts the five-headed, four-limbed Hindu goddess in bright yellow, red, and teal. Situated opposite is Tide of Night, a black oil painting, nearly monochromatic,… READ ON


Seth Price

Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie

June 2014

For his debut at Eden Eden, a new space by gallerist Isabella Bortolozzi, Seth Price continues his symbolic dissection of paper envelopes as carriers of meaning with seven new works. The crosshatching on the inner sides of envelopes—devised… READ ON


“Smart New World”

Kunsthalle Dsseldorf

May 2014

“Smart New World” presents ideas that once seemed paranoid but have now become banal realities: An information society equals a surveillance society, and Big Data means data capital. Ambitious themes such as the end of privacy run the … READ ON


Ada Ruilova

Galerie Guido W. Baudach

April 2014

Sound is a key feature in the works of Aïda Ruilova, a former noise-punk musician. Here, five quick and choppy videos from 1999 are staged as one installation. Running in a loop, each film is projected onto a different wall, outlining the … READ ON


Klaas Kloosterboer

Galerie Bob van Orsouw

March 2014

To walk into the exhibition “Blue Suit” is to enter a stage—possibly one designed for a drama set in a time and place teetering on the brink of crisis. The show’s giant props, such as the two painted wooden boxes hanging in front of… READ ON


Angela Bulloch

Esther Schipper

February 2014

A graphic pattern that creates the illusion of an endless plane made of three-dimensional rhombi is the basis for Angela Bulloch’s latest work. The pattern is both classical, similar to the floors of ancient cathedrals and palaces, and … READ ON


Sarah Ortmeyer

Dvir Gallery

January 2014

Twenty-one photographic portraits of women posing playfully with chessboards, some unusually clenching pawns between their teeth, line the gallery’s walls. Hundreds of sumptuous onyx and marble chess pieces of varying sizes are grouped on… READ ON


Dor Guez

carlier | gebauer

September 2013

Dor Guez’s work typically concerns his family, though it’s the leap from personal to larger narratives that gives it poignancy. Five years ago, Guez founded the Christian-Palestinian Archive, which he has developed into an ongoing project… READ ON