Himali Singh Soin

Dayanita Singh

National Museum Janpath | New Delhi

April 2014

The compartments and departments into which we segment the world is a testament to how we read it: in fragments and chapters, with imposed order. Dayanita Singh’s Book Museum, 2014, is a portable collection of books with photographs from … READ ON


Sudarshan Shetty


February 2014

In a tour de force that transcends the label “solo exhibition,” Sudarshan Shetty turns wooden objects into a tactile tale of temporality and ontology that tells of both inanimate matter and its living counterparts. In a space sparsely … READ ON


“L’exigence de la saudade”

September 2013

Halfway up one of Montmartre’s many slopes is a quiet courtyard—flanked by old peeling walls, in one of which there is a gap, revealing a sprouting plant—where a single glass door leads to the Kadist Art Foundation. This sense of an inner… READ ON

IN PRINT September 2013 [TOC]

Linda Mary Montano

Linda Mary Montano talks about her retrospective

May 2013

Linda Mary Montano is perhaps best known for her endurance-based performances. She sang for seven hours in a scissor lift; wore monochromatic garments for fourteen years; was blindfolded for a week; and spent a year bound by a length of rope… READ ON


Bharti Kher

Nature Morte

February 2013

In Bharti Kher’s latest exhibition, everyday objects are given temperament. A tree trunk seems apathetic as it interrupts a door; a staircase attempts, cholerically, to reach beyond the gallery’s ceiling; and a series of cement planks … READ ON


Aditya Pande

Chatterjee & Lal

November 2012

In each of the fifteen mixed-media on paper works of Aditya Pande’s solo exhibition “Half-Life” a circle lies contiguous to a semicircle. Composed digitally, these two elemental shapes are mathematically perfect, such that their radii… READ ON


Robert Wilson and Philip Glass

The Morgan Library & Museum

October 2012

The first-ever exhibition of Philip Glass’s autograph score for his great five-hour 1976 opera, Einstein on the Beach, along with Robert Wilson’s thirteen graphite-drawn storyboards (which were first shown at Paula Cooper Gallery in 1976),… READ ON


Rebecca Horn

National Gallery of Modern Art

May 2012

Rebecca Horn’s heartfelt impressions from Uzbekistan are collected in Notebook Samarkand, 2001, a book of poems and untitled photographs, currently on view as part of her first solo exhibition in India. The diary-size hardback sits on a … READ ON


Rajorshi Ghosh

Seven Art Limited

April 2012

Upon entry, there is an overwhelming sense of space: Rajorshi Ghosh’s four architectural installations in this show are spare, inviting viewers to project their imaginations, at high tide, onto the rigid mathematics of a room. “Rooms by… READ ON


Natasha de Betak


March 2012

“Impulse,” 2011, Natasha de Betak’s latest series of photographs, elicits a surreal string of adjectives: foggy, luminous, somnambulant, amoebic, and sublime, to pinpoint a few. Thirty-six digital prints, smudged and out of focus, are… READ ON