Javier Hontoria

Miki Leal

January 2015

In 2009, the Seville-born, Madrid-based painter Miki Leal traveled by motorbike to Martin Heidegger’s Hütte in Germany’s Black Forest; the journey occasioned a series of works in acrylic and watercolor on paper—the signature medium … READ ON

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Petra Feriancová

Fondazione Morra Greco

December 2014

Petra Feriancová’s exhibition in this unique Neapolitan space, “Things that happen, and things that are done. On Beginnings and Matter,” fulfills the expectations its title creates. Her installation occupies all three floors of this … READ ON


Teresa Solar Abboud

Galería Formato Cómodo

October 2014

Teresa Solar Abboud's latest solo show “Foreign Office” conveys a shift from her usual video practice, which has mostly focused on language, translation, and the construction of meaning. These topics remain at the core of her practice, … READ ON


Julia Spínola

Galería Heinrich Ehrhardt

May 2014

Among artists of her generation, few possess a more personal and unique stance than that of Madrid-based Julia Spínola. Her work unfolds at a threshold where movements, gestures, and gazes take shape in sculpture and drawing, all of which … READ ON


Lara Almarcegui

May 2014

In spite of her towering presentation at the Spanish pavilion at last year’s Venice Biennale, where she introduced huge piles of materials that had exactly the same weight as the ones that made up the building, or her 2012 exhibition at … READ ON

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Alexandra Bircken

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen

April 2014

It is probably due to Alexandra Bircken’s unacademic background that her work seems simultaneously uninhibited and heterogeneous in its output. The materials the artist continually turns to range from wool to motorbikes, anatomical appendages… READ ON


Fran Meana

Nogueras Blanchard | Madrid

March 2014

In his first solo exhibition at the gallery’s new Madrid location, Fran Meana tackles memories of twentieth-century history while inquiring into the tension between form and image, tangibility and visibility. At the heart of this show is … READ ON


Black Tulip

March 2014

Last year was a difficult one for Barcelona: The ongoing economic recession in combination with increasing political crisis has turned the once dazzling Catalan capital into a disheartening wasteland. One of the very few glittering lights … READ ON

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Isidoro Valcárcel Medina

Adhoc Galeria

January 2014

A sober and discreet Conceptualist, Isidoro Valcárcel Medina has had a five-decade career, and his influence on younger generations of Spanish artists is far from receding. Curated by Juan de Nieves, this museum-quality exhibition of new … READ ON


Ian Kiaer

January 2014

Broadly speaking, Ian Kiaer’s methodology evokes the intricate process of placing heterogeneous elements in a plane within an accurate perspective (or at least a desired one). In other words, despite its sculptural guise, his work avails … READ ON

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