Jeff Gibson

Pieter Schoolwerth

September 2015

Pieter Schoolwerth knows how to paint. In recent years, he turned his hand to no less daunting a task than the subjective reinvention of old-master iconography, which he deftly reconstituted via digital and analog overlays and abstractions… READ ON

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Permanent Thirst

Jeff Gibson on Wake in Fright

September 2012

OUTBACK AUSTRALIA is an inhospitable environment. The light is blinding, the heat searing, and the arid, burnt-earth expanse goes on forever. Yet, ironically, it is the hospitality of those hardy souls desperate or crazy enough to live there… READ ON


Exile and Exploitation

Jeff Gibson on Not Quite Hollywood

July 2009

VICE AND VULGARITY PLAY WELL IN AUSTRALIA. With the country's rum-corps origins and epic isolation, low-grade spectacle exuding illegality takes on a certain mythic quality. It’s hardly surprising then that the “great southern land” … READ ON


the Asia-Pacific Triennial


March 2007

BRISBANE IS BOOMING. Once a cultural and economic underdog, the capital city of the Australian state of Queensland has lately been giving Sydney and Melbourne a run for, well, their money. Skimming its take off the state’s thriving mining… READ ON

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Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art 5

September 2006

Since its inception in 1993, the Asia-Pacific Triennial has been highly successful in charting vectors of cultural connection between formerly isolated nations.… READ ON


“Biennale of Sydney”

May 2006

Curated by Charles Merewether Global fusion is the default biennial theme these days. But for Australian society—an international stir-fry in an Anglo-Celtic broth—blending flavors has been a way of life for most of the past century. … READ ON


Tom Sachs

January 2006

This show features the artist’s more megalomaniacal constructions, including a nitrous-powered police car and new works like a one-to-seven scale model of an aircraft-carrier control tower and a full-size replica of the blue whale that … READ ON


“High Tide: New Currents in Art from Australia and New Zealand”

January 2006

Organized by the Zacheta’s Magda Kardasz and expat New Zealander Simon Rees (now curator at the Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius), this binational survey features an even spread of early- to midcareer artists mining three thematic categories:… READ ON


the Biennale of Sydney

International Shorts

April 2004

Descartes was wrong: The mind/body split is bogus. With this as her hook for the 14th Biennale of Sydney, the director, Portuguese independent curator Isabel Carlos, won’t get much argument there. Titling her show “On Reason and Emotion,”… READ ON

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the National Gallery of Victoria


September 2003

The Australian art world is having a growth spurt. In Brisbane, a $65 million museum is under construction, augmenting and vastly extending the reach of the Queensland Art Gallery, home to the Asia Pacific Triennial. Down south, a whole new… READ ON

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