Jeff Hassay

Ball of Confusion

Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer and the Ball of Artists

February 2012 LOS ANGELES

SEETHING WITH A SORDID HISTORY both on and off the silver screen to rival the wildest passages of Hollywood Babylon, Beverly Hills’s Greystone Mansion oozes noir from every moribund pore of its cold slate walls. With its turrets, peaked … READ ON


Leather and Lace

Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer and Rodarte at LA MoCA

February 2011 LOS ANGELES

THE EVENING PREVIEW OF THE RODARTE SHOW BEGAN early Wednesday at LA MoCA’s bunker outpost in the Pacific Design Center’s plaza where all attendees had to navigate their way past the monolithic tent city that was being erected to host … READ ON


Publicity Stunt

Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer and James Franco at MoCA


MAYBE YOU’VE NOTICED that James Franco has been steadily inching his way into the art world: showing up at high-profile openings, befriending artists, and collaborating with artist and filmmaker Carter on the art film Erased James Franco.… READ ON


Blood Bathos

Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer and Vampire-Con in Los Angeles

August 2009 LOS ANGELES

THE LINE OUTSIDE Hollywood’s Music Box theater last Sunday morning for the first ever Vampire-Con contained a smattering of the freaky, goth-nerd miscreants that one expects to see at a Bauhaus reunion tour or in a Tim Burton daydream. … READ ON