Jeffrey Kastner

Trevor Paglen

November 2015

Curious viewers looking for advance information on Trevor Paglen’s recent exhibition at Metro Pictures in the run-up to its opening probably encountered a rather unusual promotional tease created by the artist, an obliquely ominous … READ ON

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Philippe Parreno

October 2015

“I wonder which is worse. To feel too busy or not busy enough.” This wistfully introspective not-quite question—included in a monologue delivered by a series of child actresses as part of Tino Seghal’s contribution to Philippe Parreno’s… READ ON

IN PRINT October 2015 [TOC]

“Christopher Knowles: In a Word”

September 2015

Curated by Anthony Elms and Hilton Als Christopher Knowles’s remarkably elastic practice—ranging freely across painting, sculpture, sound, performance, and poetry both spoken and concrete—has for more than four decades produced a jubilant… READ ON


“Ragnar Kjartansson: Seul Celui Qui Connait Le Désir

September 2015

Curated by Julien Fronsacq Weaving together forms of production so diverse and interpenetrating that they defy almost any attempt at categorization, Ragnar Kjartansson has developed one of the least self-serious and yet most profound practices… READ ON


Tomi Ungerer

May 2015

Anyone who’s ever had occasion to care for kids knows that there are certain books you read with them that are just as much for you as they are for them, perhaps even more so. In our house, we turned to the authors of these books—Hans … READ ON

IN PRINT May 2015 [TOC]

Judith Scott

March 2015

The effects of an artist’s biography on his or her reception may be uncertain but they are hardly insignificant, and “Bound and Unbound,” the outstanding survey of the work of the sculptor Judith Scott at the Brooklyn Museum’s Elizabeth… READ ON

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Marina Abramović

February 2015

The two trajectories that perhaps best describe the last half decade or so of Marina Abramović’s career converged almost too tidily in Generator, the artist’s recent installation/performance at Sean Kelly and her first solo show in the… READ ON

IN PRINT February 2015 [TOC]

“Laurie Simmons: How We See”

January 2015

Curated by Kelly Taxter Laurie Simmons’s sustained investigation into both physical and psychological artifice—from the figurines and miniaturized architectural environments pictured in her early photos to her later deployment of anatomically… READ ON


Andy Coolquitt

December 2014

An extended investigation into the character and qualities of things-in-the-world, Andy Coolquitt’s practice situates objects in compelling, provocative reciprocity with the viewer. Coolquitt is at base a committed devotee of stuff—what … READ ON

IN PRINT December 2014 [TOC]

Monika Sosnowska

November 2014

Just as all fundamentally utopian propositions, whether social, political, or aesthetic, are necessarily bound to fall short of their goals, so do their remnants almost axiomatically become fodder for artistic critique and repurposing. The … READ ON

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