John Beeson

“Querelle—Photographed by Roger Fritz”

June 2012

In 1982, the year in which Rainer Werner Fassbinder made his film Querelle, one of the actors, Roger Fritz, took several hundred photographs on the set. On the film’s release, a book was published with reproductions of 119 of the images. … READ ON

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May 2012

Near the end of Wong Kar-wai’s 1990 film, Days of Being Wild, the character Yuddy invokes the legend of the bird with no legs for a second time: “I used to think there was a kind of bird that, once born, would keep flying until death. … READ ON

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Jos de Gruyter and Harald Thys

April 2012

It has been argued that the work of Belgian duo Jos de Gruyter and Harald Thys hinges largely on an investigation of psychologies, a conclusion founded in de Gruyter’s influential experience working in a Brussels community center and the … READ ON

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Yngve Holen

March 2012

Under fluorescent light, the mirror foil letters of the words SENSITIVE TO DETERGENT glimmered on a wall in a corner of Autocenter’s one-room exhibition space. Although this banner was similar in appearance to John Knight’s wall text … READ ON

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Melvin Moti

February 2012

In a darkened section of the gallery, a film projector cast an image onto the wall: the barren, gray surface of the moon pocked with craters. Looking down as if floating above it, the camera bobs and swivels. Next, the film observes the … READ ON

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Viktoria Binschtok

January 2012

With the advent of Street View, Google introduced a new logic––if not a new language––to photography. Artists swiftly responded by using this massive image map as a site for appropriation as well as an inspiration for artistic forms… READ ON

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Mario Pfeifer

December 2011

To describe Mario Pfeifer’s A Formal Film in Nine Episodes, Prologue & Epilogue, 2010, in a formal manner, as the work’s title suggests we should, one would have to say that it involves slow-paced action, sweeping camera movements, a … READ ON

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Timur Si-Qin

November 2011

For “Mainstream,” Timur Si-Qin’s first solo exhibition at Société, the artist lined the gallery’s two rooms with thirty-two computer printout copies of posters for the movie Transformers (2007) and overlaid each with plant leaves … READ ON


Fred Lonidier

November 2011

THE QUESTION IS WHO EXERCISES HOW MUCH POWER TO WHOSE ENDS? reads a line printed below statistics concerning US car production in the year 1978 and a photograph depicting cars in a parking lot. The collage, enclosed in a license-plate frame,… READ ON

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Horst Ademeit

September 2011

Born in Cologne in 1937, Horst Ademeit was a trained craftsman who worked odd jobs and lived a significant part of his life in a low-income housing project, ill, paranoid, and immersed in legal proceedings concerning fees that he owed and … READ ON

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