Julian Elias Bronner

Finer Things

The 28th edition of TEFAF


SO, YOU’VE BEEN to Art Basel and to Art Dubai, but have you been to Art Europe? With no air of irony, the twenty-eighth edition of the European Fine Art Foundation (diminutively, TEFAF) commenced Thursday, March 12, with the pomp and … READ ON


Jan de Cock

Office Baroque Gallery

February 2015

In 2008, Belgian artist Jan de Cock conceived Denkmal 11, a floor-to-ceiling installation at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, in which photographs he took of its permanent collection—images from the histories of architecture, film, and … READ ON


Heinz Mack

Heinz Mack talks about his New York exhibitions

December 2014

Heinz Mack is an artist who primarily works with light and is a cofounder of the international artists’ network ZERO. Mack speaks here about the so-called Sahara Project, a series of installations he made in the Tunisian desert from 1962 … READ ON


Gabriele Beveridge

Elizabeth Dee Gallery

November 2014

It’s said that it takes two decades for cultural nostalgia to solidify; after this time, past trends can revive as ironic countercurrents to the present fashions. In “Gold Diamond Park,” Gabriele Beveridge’s debut solo exhibition in… READ ON


Claudio Parmiggiani


November 2014

A severe silence sets the tone for Claudio Parmiggiani’s first solo exhibition in the United States in three decades: In Untitled, 2014, a sixteenth-century ecclesiastical bronze bell, is gagged and gibbeted by its tongue above the entryway… READ ON


Anita Molinero

Le Consortium

September 2014

Since the 1980s, French sculptor Anita Molinero has worked almost exclusively with domestic and often toxic materials, cauterizing, deforming, and smelting chemically fabricated, factory-produced objects. Her current solo exhibition, “Oreo,”… READ ON


Edith Dekyndt

Galerie Greta Meert

June 2014

Belgian artist Edith Dekyndt marvels at physical phenomena, often going beyond the banal limits of matter to tap into its thaumaturgical potential. In 2004, in an icy alpine region, she experimented with the triboelectric effects of a woolen… READ ON


Pro Choice

“Choices” in Paris

May 2014 PARIS

“WAIT—there’s a gallery weekend in Paris?” Marian Goodman’s Nicolas Nahab seemed surprised when I mentioned last Friday’s events. Around us, thirty others wined and dined under a heated tent on the rooftop of Le Perchoir, views … READ ON


Delphine Deguislage


May 2014

Several stimuli spring to mind––some somatic, others synthetic––when one swallows Delphine Deguislage’s current solo exhibition, “My Dopamine’s Been Busy.” And it begins with a hit: In Mineral Sex (all works 2014), a poster … READ ON


Kiss and Make-up

The 32nd Art Brussels


THOSE NEW TO THE ART-WORLD CIRCUIT quickly realize that to see is to know: When it comes to objects and the people that travel worldwide to view them, a sense of familiarity arrives from recognizing the same names and faces around the globe.… READ ON