Katherine Rochester

“Labor in a Single Shot”

Haus der Kulturen der Welt

March 2015

If Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory, 1895, synced the beginning of film to the end of the workday, then the four hundred commissioned videos at the heart of this project by the late artist Harun Farocki and the curator and artist Antje … READ ON


Ryan Trecartin

KW Institute for Contemporary Art

November 2014

Featuring obscure symbols, bizarre rituals, and oblique language, Ryan Trecartin’s first solo exhibition in Germany draws heavily on the mystique of secret societies. Partially filmed at a Masonic temple in Los Angeles, the installation Site… READ ON


Nadia Hironaka and Matthew Suib

Locks Gallery

July 2014

At a time when the video loop is still a convention in moving-image presentation, it’s refreshing to see Philadelphia-based duo Nadia Hironaka and Matthew Suib demand more of it than sheer utility. Their six new video works pair masterfully… READ ON


Polly Apfelbaum and Dan Cole

Temple Contemporary

June 2014

Polly Apfelbaum and Dan Cole’s exhibition carries on the legacy of its muse: a monumental expanse of colorful stripes by Gene Davis, painted on a parking lot next to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. A 1972 commission by the museum’s … READ ON


Michael Snow

Philadelphia Museum of Art

March 2014

“Michael Snow: Photo-Centric” posits a decentralized notion of photography at the center of the Canadian artist’s oeuvre. Positioned on floors, mounted on walls, and hanging in installations, the photographs—which were shot between … READ ON


Jason Rhoades

ICA - Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia

November 2013

“Jason Rhoades, Four Roads” covers a lot of ground without denying us necessary, numerous, and pleasurable pit stops. Conceived by senior curator Ingrid Schaffner as a road map for navigating Rhoades’s massively complex body of work in… READ ON


“Lissitzky—Kabakov, Utopia—Reality”

Van Abbemuseum

April 2013

From the very dash in the exhibition’s title, “Lissitzky—Kabakov. Utopia and Reality” figures a generational gap as an impermeable spatial divide. On one side of each gallery are works by Russian Constructivist El Lissitzky that … READ ON


Tacita Dean

Arcadia University Gallery

March 2013

If film time offers a temporal alternative to real time, then Tacita Dean’s JG, 2013, returns film to its phenomenological density in order to pose a metaphysical question: How do our interventions into the natural landscape shape us in … READ ON


“Sex Life”


December 2012

Sex magazine began as an online periodical in the fall, but in a few short months it has already come to inhabit a physical host. Or at least that’s one way of considering the exhibition “Sex Life.” Featuring twenty-five artists and … READ ON


“Five Acts: Chronicles of Dissent”

Marginal Utility

February 2012

“Five Acts: Chronicles of Dissent” brings together five artists who shrewdly deconstruct the language of revolt. In a baroque scene that animates aspects of Jacques-Louis David’s Intervention of the Sabine Women, 1799, Yael Bartana’s… READ ON