L. İpek Ulusoy Akgl

Benjamin Senior

Grey Noise

January 2015

A quest for perfection is at the heart of Benjamin Senior’s “Enclosure” exhibition, featuring meticulous depictions of healthy-looking people exercising, walking in nature, or performing other wholesome activities. Formally trained in… READ ON


Sahand Hesamiyan

The Third Line

December 2014

Sahand Hesamiyan’s massive steel sculpture Khalvat, 2014, magnetically draws and physically engages the viewer, in what at first sight appears to be a displaced extraterrestrial object. Displayed at the heart of the Tehran-based artist’s… READ ON


“Anyone Could Be a Sculptor One Day”

Spot Production Fund

November 2014

Amid the Elhamra Han’s textile shops and tea houses is an unexpected haven for contemporary art: First- and second-floor rooms have become an exhibition space whose windows look inward into the building’s courtyard emporium or outward … READ ON


Nargess Hashemi

Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde

February 2014

On first glance, the pen-on-graph-paper drawings in Nargess Hashemi’s current solo exhibition, “The Pleasure in Boredom,” appear to have been digitally designed. Yet close observation reveals many intense and intimate details in the … READ ON