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“Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art”

Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art

April 2012

Glasgow’s art scene has evolved on its own terms—always mingling the gutsy and the experimental. Showcasing work by over 130 artists in diverse sites across of the city, this year’s festival encapsulates the city’s energy with a … READ ON


Stephen Sutcliffe

October 2011

Through his astute method of collage, Glasgow-based artist Stephen Sutcliffe’s exhibition “Runaway, Success,” addresses the nature of the awkwardness—self-doubt, uncertainty, risk—that is inherent in the creative process. Overlaying… READ ON


Maria Hedlund

September 2011

Swedish artist Maria Hedlund’s exhibition “Upplöst (Dissolved) included several series of striking gelatin silver photographic prints. The subject of Hyttödammen II,” 2006–11, is a private collection of insects (dragonflies, … READ ON

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Christine Borland

June 2011

With “Cast From Nature,” Christine Borland continued her ongoing examination of medical practices, focusing on depersonalization and the use of teaching aids such as simulated patients. A residency at Glasgow Sculpture Studios allowed … READ ON

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Ulla von Brandenburg

May 2011

Experimenting with the concept of Gesamtkunstwerk, German artist Ulla von Brandenburg’s exhibition “Neue Alte Welt” (New Old World) centers on Chorspiel (Choir Games), 2010, a black-and-white operatic film with text, music, and concept… READ ON



March 2011

Scottish artist Elsa Stansfield and her Dutch partner, Madelon Hooykaas, pushed the European time-based media scene with their intuitive explorations from 1972 until Stansfield’s sudden death in 2004, since which time Hooykaas has continued… READ ON

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“10 Dialogues: Richard Demarco, Scotland, and the European Avant Garde”

December 2010

The eightieth birthday of the Scottish artist, writer, and philosopher Richard Demarco was the catalyst for this exhibition, which examines his formative connection to ten artists (Joseph Beuys, Marina Abramović, Tadeusz Kantor, Paul Neagu,… READ ON


Nicholas Hlobo

October 2010

Although some might think of the works in his new series as assemblages, Nicholas Hlobo refers to them as “Paintings” because he creates each piece on a stark white canvas. He begins by using a box cutter to slash the canvas—what he … READ ON

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Martin Creed

September 2010

Martin Creed’s playful and perspicacious exhibition “Down Over Up” centers on the concepts of increment and ordered process. Creed uses recognizable objects and materials to build his sculptures, and many are stacked in progressions of… READ ON


Jim Lambie

September 2010

With his show “Metal Urbain,” Jim Lambie created a dense metal milieu. Pushing the nature of the material, the artist experimented with metal’s malleability as the core of his new work. The exhibition featured a wall-to-wall metal floor… READ ON

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