Marco Tagliafierro

Alessandro Di Pietro

Bad New Business

July 2014

For Alessandro Di Pietro’s first solo exhibition at the gallery, the artist presents “La Table Basse,” or the Coffee Table, where upon first entering the show, visitors are confronted with a curved wooden runway meant to indicate their… READ ON


Alberto Garutti

Buchmann Galerie | Lugano

June 2014

Alberto Garutti’s latest solo exhibition includes the work Untitled, 2014—a sequence of colors printed on nearly thirty-three feet of fabric, which is folded in a serpentine fashion over a series of five brass-colored metal rollers. The… READ ON


Patrick Tuttofuoco

Studio Guenzani

May 2014

The five large, brightly colored masks in Patrick Tuttofuoco’s latest exhibition look like props from a science-fiction film. Made of cloth and resin, these ghostly sculptures quickly impose their presence. Consider, for instance, Adiabene… READ ON


Luca Trevisani

Museo Marino Marini

April 2014

Luca Trevisani’s spectacular five-channel video installation, Glaucomelo, 2014, is installed in the lower galleries of the Museo Marino Marini, rooms the Florentine institution has set aside for work by young artists. Trevisani’s previous… READ ON


Chiara Fumai

April 2014

Shut Up, Actually Talk, 2013, the video installation at the gallery entrance in Chiara Fumai’s exhibition “With Love from $inister,” depicts a female figure with her contours in a state of disintegration, the hair arranged in something… READ ON

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Alejandro Cesarco

Galleria Raffaella Cortese

March 2014

Alejandro Cesarco’s investigative path and his poetically stark Conceptual works often depend a great deal on an imaginative encounter between a word and an image. His current solo exhibition in Milan occupies both of Raffaella Cortese’s… READ ON


Helen Mirra

January 2014

Some rectangles of raw linen hanging on the walls made up one part of this solo show by American artist Helen Mirra. Creases in the canvases revealed that they had been folded numerous times, like maps. And maybe they are something like that.… READ ON

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Luigi Presicce

Galleria Bianconi

December 2013

Near the entrance to Luigi Presicce’s latest exhibition, “Privata Vanitas,” visitors encounter five variously sized photographic prints on aluminum that show performances he created between 2010 and 2012. These images do not merely … READ ON


Serena Vestrucci

Otto Zoo

November 2013

In a stirring blue vault, a breathtaking, star-studded sky floats above a dark bog. This magical artifice, resembling a painted chamber in the style of Giotto, forms the central element in Serena Vestrucci’s astonishing solo show. The sky… READ ON


Matthias Bitzer

Francesca Minini

November 2013

Matthias Bitzer’s latest solo exhibition, “Amherst/Ether/Fields,” includes a complex system that refers to the many inflections of the avant-garde: Figurative yet simultaneously geometric paintings and Arte Povera sculptures are here … READ ON