Matthew Higgs

Matthew Higgs


December 2014

1 MAMMAN SANI, TAARITT (Sahel Sounds) This future-thinking, synth-heavy Saharan folk album was recorded in Niger and France in the late 1980s but was only released this year. It’s hard for me to remember what life was like without Sani’s… READ ON

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Matthew Higgs

December 2013

1 LAURA OWENS (356 S. MISSION RD., LOS ANGELES) Owens’s first major hometown exhibition in almost a decade felt like a momentous event. Eschewing the white cube, she elected to present her own work on her own terms, situating it alongside… READ ON

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Artforum, January 1983


October 2013

In this new column, artists, critics, and curators single out past issues from Artforum’s archives and explore their resonance, then and now.  I RECENTLY CAME ACROSS a copy of the January 1983 issue of Artforum at New York’s Twenty-Fifth… READ ON

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Mark Leckey

May 2013

Curated by Ali Subotnick In the five years since he won the Turner Prize, British artist Mark Leckey has taken increasingly strange and ever more productive turns. Moving away from the subcultural narratives of his (rightly) celebrated work… READ ON


Matthew Higgs

December 2012

1 “Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A. 1945–1980” (various venues) My 2011 ended with a weeklong road trip across Southern California, trying to take in as many as possible of the sixty-plus exhibitions in “Pacific Standard Time,” … READ ON

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Matthew Higgs

December 2011

1 “Andy Warhol: Shadows” (Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, DC; curated by Yasmil Raymond) The 102 canvases that make up Shadows, 1978–79, had never been shown together in their entirety before this exhibition. Curated… READ ON

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Matthew Higgs

December 2010

1 Stuart Sherman (80WSE, New York, and Participant Inc., New York) At 80WSE, video recordings of Sherman’s “spectacles”—as he called his idiosyncratic tabletop performances—were framed alongside his lesser-known theatrical productions,… READ ON

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Matthew Higgs

December 2009

MATTHEW HIGGS  1 Don Bachardy (Cheim & Reid, New York) Bachardy’s wrenching, nearly life-size drawings of Christopher Isherwood, his partner for more than thirty years, were made shortly before the celebrated writer succumbed to cancer in… READ ON

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Matthew Higgs

December 2008

MATTHEW HIGGS  1 Klara Liden, Elda för kråkorna (Heating the Crows) (Reena Spaulings Fine Art, New York) At Reena Spaulings’s Lower East Side space, the Berlin-based Swedish artist Liden constructed a temporary waiting room–cum-antechamber… READ ON

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Matthew Higgs

December 2007

MATTHEW HIGGS  1 Robert Rauschenberg, “Cardboards and Related Pieces” (Menil Collection, Houston) This wasn’t just one of the best shows I saw this year—it was one of the best shows I have ever seen. Exquisitely installed in the Menil… READ ON

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