Natilee Harren

David Horvitz

November 2014

On July 12, the day that David Horvitz’s first solo show at Blum & Poe opened, the artist and his numerous editor-avatars were banned from contributing to Wikipedia. The embargo culminated an ongoing conflict in which editors of the online… READ ON

IN PRINT November 2014 [TOC]

“Take It or Leave It: Institution, Image, Ideology”

June 2014

The work of Andrea Fraser held a privileged position within Anne Ellegood and Johanna Burton’s ambitious survey of appropriation and institutional-critique practices from the 1970s to the present. The first gallery featured Fraser’s … READ ON

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William E. Jones

April 2014

William E. Jones’s experimental film and video work of the past two decades has consistently aimed to resurrect and reframe lost, repressed, or occluded visual histories, including those of gay subcultures going back to antiquity, military… READ ON

IN PRINT April 2014 [TOC]

Wolf Vostell

March 2014

After recent shows devoted to the likes of Simone Forti and Judith Bernstein, Mara McCarthy’s quasi-commercial space the Box has once again given us the gift of a welcome revival. This time it was the work of an overlooked figure of the … READ ON

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Vern Blosum

December 2013

Between 1961 and 1964, American Pop artist Vern Blosum produced forty-four canvases illustrating flowers, animals, and infrastructural fixtures outside his Manhattan studio. He painted parking meters, fire hydrants, mailboxes, and stop signs… READ ON

IN PRINT December 2013 [TOC]

Alexis Smith

November 2013

Art history has had a difficult time knowing what to do with the work of Alexis Smith. Her thingly object collages have long been awkwardly characterized as belonging to a strain of witty, narrative Conceptualism associated with the work of… READ ON

IN PRINT November 2013 [TOC]

Lester Monzon

Mark Moore Gallery

September 2013

For his latest body of work, Lester Monzon cast his vision down, to the horizontal space of the floor. While the artist’s earlier abstract canvases pitched the gestural brushstroke against modular “found” patterns, many of his new … READ ON


William Powhida

September 2013

In recent years, Brooklyn-based artist William Powhida has garnered a reputation as a gadfly caricaturist with his drawings that diagram, in paranoiac detail, the art world as a socially, politically, and economically dysfunctional system. … READ ON

IN PRINT September 2013 [TOC]

Katie Herzog

Night Gallery

July 2013

It is an overwhelming experience to enter the installation of forty-eight tightly cropped portrait paintings of transgender men and women that makes up Katie Herzog’s solo exhibition “Transtextuality (SB 48).” The double row of … READ ON


Susan Silton

Susan Silton discusses Who’s in a Name?

July 2013

Susan Silton is a Los Angeles–based artist whose multidisciplinary practice engages photography, video, installation, performance, sound, and language. She speaks here about her latest work, Who’s in a Name?, 2013, a multi-platform project… READ ON