Noemi Smolik

Carolin Eidner

October 2014

Verticality as the Speed of Horizon (all works cited, 2014) is the title of one of the pieces in Carolin Eidner’s debut gallery show, “Meanwhile ‘Me’.” The artist has only just finished her studies at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf,… READ ON

IN PRINT October 2014 [TOC]

Katja Novitskova

September 2014

The always-increasing pace of technology has left us adrift on an ever-stormier ocean of digital imagery. How do we stay afloat? By training ourselves to become more attentive, proposes Katja Novitskova, who was born in Tallinn, Estonia, and… READ ON

IN PRINT September 2014 [TOC]

Lutz Bacher

Galerie Buchholz | Cologne, Neven-DuMont-Strasse 17

May 2014

Lutz Bacher works predominantly with found materials, which is one reason her art anticipates much that is to be observed in the current approach of many young artists. She either places such objects into a content-based context, or she … READ ON


“Speculations on Anonymous Materials”

May 2014

“Speculations on Anonymous Materials” was the first exhibition held at Kassel’s Fridericianum under the museum’s new director, Susanne Pfeffer. Its title is programmatic, taking up terms that have recently gone viral in the debates … READ ON

IN PRINT May 2014 [TOC]

Sigune Siévi

Van Horn

April 2014

The eight neon sculptures in Sigune Siévi’s debut gallery exhibition are smooth on one hand and unwieldy on the other. They are robust and fragile. These works can hardly be classified with respect to any one era: They are a perfect blend… READ ON


Juan Pérez Agirregoikoa

April 2014

“I am a good man, I always tell the truth,” says the Spanish artist Juan Pérez Agirregoikoa, and he’s not being ironic. Yet he’s fully aware that to tell the whole, actual truth—expressing the reality of things just as they are—is… READ ON

IN PRINT April 2014 [TOC]

Christian Falsnaes

March 2014

The performances of Christian Falsnaes, a Danish artist who lives in Berlin, often seem pretty mean-spirited—even cynical. And yet by balancing his art on the brink of the intolerable, he has given it a unique power. His performances draw … READ ON

IN PRINT March 2014 [TOC]

Basim Magdy

January 2014

A black-and-white drawing, strategically placed at the entrance of Basim Magdy’s exhibition “A Future of Mundane Miracles,” curated by Markéta Stará, summed up what the artist’s work is all about. Titled Expanding the Universe and… READ ON

IN PRINT January 2014 [TOC]

Thomas Ruff

December 2013

Thomas Ruff is always full of surprises, and his recent show in Düsseldorf was no exception. A photographer who trained with Bernd Becher and whose early works are black-and-white images of ordinary residential neighborhoods around Germany,… READ ON

IN PRINT December 2013 [TOC]

Gillian Carnegie

September 2013

How refreshing: an exhibition in which there was no need to focus on anything but the paintings on display. The artist had requested that no press release be issued. There was only a list of titles, with the year of each work and the technical… READ ON

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