Olivian Cha

“Bad Influence”

Michael Thibault

August 2014

By the mid-1980s Jean Baudrillard’s “simulacral” buzz was peaking, and the artists featured in Andrew J. Greene–curated “Bad Influence” responded to the dislodgment of exchange value (from commodity object to brand logo) with a … READ ON


Fred Lonidier

Michael Benevento

June 2014

The works on view in Fred Lonidier’s latest exhibition were produced shortly after the use of documentary photography and language was established as the dominant aesthetic strategy of Conceptual art. By the mid to late 1970s, Lonidier and… READ ON


Mary Weatherford

David Kordansky Gallery

May 2014

Following a series of exhibitions titled “The Bakersfield Project,” “The Bakersfield Paintings” and “Manhattan,” (all 2012), “Los Angeles” is Mary Weatherford’s fourth show of neon-light paintings that takes inspiration from… READ ON


Pablo Bronstein

Gallery at REDCAT

February 2014

“Enlightenment Discourse on the Origins of Architecture,” London-based artist Pablo Bronstein’s commissioned project for REDCAT, is not so much a scholarly investigation of architectural “origins” but an incisive experiment in formal… READ ON