Piper Marshall

“Guyton, Price, Smith, Walker”

Plymouth Rock

June 2014

They sling readymade fabric over stretchers and call it painting (Thomas Sauter), download open-source software to build digital utopias (Emanuel Rossetti), splice samples of Ciara and R. Kelly with disregard for copyright (Hannah Weinberger),… READ ON


Jordan Wolfson

David Zwirner | 519, 525 & 533 West 19th Street

March 2014

Jordan Wolfson is a filmmaker in the traditional sense, drawing more from the history of cinema than from art. The specific strategy of his celluloid, digital, and animated beauties involves layering, where one film exists within or on top … READ ON


Reality Bites

Piper Marshall on Gallery Girls

August 2012

OH MY GOD, I’m having a quarter-life crisis. Should I quit my job to join the rank of interns at SoHo’s infamous Eli Klein Fine Art? Sigh.  It might be a recession, but a girl can dream and drain her trust fund.  Who doesn’t have a … READ ON


Girls Girls Girls

Piper Marshall at a conversation between Lena Dunham and Nora Ephron

April 2012

THE CHRISTMAS after I moved to New York, my mom gave me the complete DVD set of Seinfeld. “Piper,” she said, “your real life is like Carrie Bradshaw, why not try some Kramer?” If only we all lived in a rent-controlled, West Village … READ ON


John Miller

Metro Pictures

February 2012

John Miller’s revered output finds inspiration in the writings of Henri Lefebvre and Walter Benjamin, the drawings of Douglas Huebler, and the indisputable hospitality of the Midwest. His latest site-specific installation, Suburban Past … READ ON


Finish Fetish

The Last Word at the Guggenheim

January 2012 NEW YORK

WHO DOESN’T SHOW UP to their own funeral? And who, in god’s name, sends friends and strangers as surrogates? Maurizio Cattelan, that’s who. The ostensible occasion for The Last Word, Saturday’s seven-hour-long endurance “symposium”/roast… READ ON


Hash the Planet

Closing events for Ryan Trecartin and Terence Koh

September 2011 NEW YORK

LIKE SHUT UP, THIS IS IMPORTANT.  The temperament of our generation can be summed up by the hashmark. If the ’90s were full of “quotation marks” indicating irony, a decisive sarcasm and a distance from the opinion of norms, our current… READ ON


Sean Landers

June 2011

Hallmark work can catapult artists’ careers so far forward that their names eventually eclipse their subsequent art before it is even seen—Lawrence Weiner is perhaps the most notable case, though Richard Berry, Ed Ruscha, and even Cy … READ ON


Sonia Delaunay

May 2011

On view in this vast exhibition are Sonia Delaunay’s textiles and preparative studies, as well as poems, paintings, and photographic documentation of her patterns applied to window displays and even automobiles. The multifarious artist’s… READ ON


Josh Smith

March 2011

In his third solo exhibition at this gallery, the indefatigable Josh Smith employs a form of morbid humor through a study of memento mori that treads the line between irony and sincerity. A macabre sensibility lurks in his recent paintings,… READ ON