Robert-Jan Muller

Chto Delat


January 2015

Known for distancing itself from Manifesta 10 during the Crimean crisis, the Russian collective Chto Delat has since its founding in 2003 established itself in a lineage of activist artist groups ranging from Art & Language to the Guerrilla… READ ON


“The Vincent Award 2014”


January 2015

The recipient of the 2014 Vincent Award—a fifty thousand euro prize given out every two years to a European artist—was the French-Albanian Anri Sala. All five nominees, though, submitted installations for an exhibition here. Three of … READ ON


“Superficial Hygiene”

De Hallen Haarlem

April 2014

With a selection of videos, sculptures, paintings, and installations by twelve artists, including Tauba Auerbach, Magali Reus, Helen Marten, and Erkka Nissinen, this group exhibition beckons its visitor to inquire what lies beneath the … READ ON


“Kara Hamilton, Christine Roland with Angie Keefer. Shoes by Steffie Christiaens”

Kunstverein Amsterdam

January 2014

Perhaps Kara Hamilton, in once characterizing her work as “critical decoration,” was also describing the works by fellow artists Christine Roland, Angie Keefer, and Steffie Christiaens that are included in this exhibition. Cooperation … READ ON


Roger Hiorns

Annet Gelink Gallery

October 2013

Foaming profusely, the thirteen untitled sculptures in Roger Hiorns’s second solo exhibition at this gallery are animated in mysterious ways. Metal and ceramic vessels holding a soapy cleanser sit on wooden stools or hang from the ceiling… READ ON


Pieter Laurens Mol


October 2013

In his show “Interest Generator” at the Dutch national bank, Pieter Laurens Mol deals with the very apt capital sins of greed and pride. With nineteen sculptures, drawings, works in mixed media on paper, and photos, all made between 1968… READ ON


“Call of the Mall”

Call of the Mall

September 2013

It started out so idealistically: Built in 1973, the Hoog Catharijne shopping mall in Utrecht, the Netherlands, was for a moment the world’s largest and most luxurious of its kind. The Brutalist building was inspired by Situationist Constant… READ ON


William Monk

Grimm Gallery

July 2013

In some of his large-scale paintings on view in “Furthur Planetarium!,” William Monk seems to evoke the end of the world in an atomic blast—a mushroom cloud hovering over the landscape as an image out of a psychedelic trip in vibrant … READ ON


Jo Baer

Stedelijk Museum

June 2013

For her new set of six large paintings, “In the Land of the Giants,” and her solo exhibition of the same name, Jo Baer travelled back to the Irish countryside, where she had settled after moving from New York in 1975, to re-encounter some… READ ON