Rotem Rozental

Sari Carel

Sari Carel talks about her solo exhibition at the Haifa Museum of Art

November 2014

Sari Carel is a New York–based artist whose work utilizes a variety of media to explore a connection between extinct species and early audiovisual technologies. Her latest solo exhibition–featuring the multimedia installation Semaphore … READ ON


Luciana Kaplun

The Center for Contemporary Art (CCA)

August 2014

The protagonists of Gilda, Luciana Kaplun’s latest film, are silent, anonymous faces of foreign workers whose legal status is questionable. The 2014 film homes in on Latin Americans who clean Israeli homes and businesses, among them cleaners… READ ON


Nevet Yitzhak

L.A. Mayer | The Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem

August 2014

For this exhibition, artist Nevet Yitzhak was invited to browse the collections of the Museum of Islamic Art. Yitzhak selected a number of objects, including some associated with liturgical practices and others with more everyday functions.… READ ON


Nelly Agassi

Dvir Gallery

July 2014

Nelly Agassi presents a series of ink-jet prints, identical in their dimensions and display. The arrangement of the abstracted geometric shapes in each composition echoes both blueprints for unidentified architectural surroundings and humanly… READ ON


Nadav Assor

Julie M. Gallery | Tel Aviv

July 2014

In Nadav Assor’s latest exhibition, a trapped hexacopter, hidden behind a black curtain and tied down to the floor, reacts to visitors entering its space by hovering and praying, perhaps crying for help. The drone chants Ezekiel 1 in Yemenite… READ ON


Slater Bradley

Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art

December 2013

In his well-known filmic series “Doppelganger Trilogy,” 2001–2004, Slater Bradley exhumed fallen heroes of pop culture. Bradley’s latest exhibition in the United States debuts his newest videos, Sequoia and She Was My la Jetée, both… READ ON


Jordan Eagles

Everson Museum of Art

November 2013

The term “red giant” refers to the approaching death of a celestial body. This cosmic evolutionary phase is the organizing principle behind Jordan Eagles’s latest exhibition, where the artist continues to investigate his medium of … READ ON



Tel Aviv Museum of Art

September 2013

As its title implies, “Showtime” suspends itself in a distinct moment: right before the performance begins. Not a moment of climax but one of heightened intensity, of preparation for what is yet to come. Curated by Hadass Maor, the … READ ON


Pinchas Cohen Gan

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

February 2013

This retrospective focuses on the development of Pinchas Cohen Gan’s conceptual syntax and perception of the pictorial space over the time he spent in New York from the 1970s to the present. In an attempt to underscore the considerable … READ ON


Oren Eliav

Braverman Gallery

January 2013

“Call and Response” culminates artist Oren Eliav’s long-standing inquiry into the function of vision in painting and its relation to the rules of perspective. Although Eliav’s large-scale canvases in this exhibition seem preoccupied… READ ON