Samara Davis

Xavier Le Roy

Xavier Le Roy discusses his “Retrospective” at MoMA PS1

October 2014

Xavier Le Roy has worked as a choreographer and dancer since 1991, and he is well known for pieces that highlight audience-performer relationships. In his debut US survey exhibition, on view at MoMA PS1 through December 1, 2014, dancers … READ ON


“The View from the Window”

Chapter NY

July 2014

The fragrance from Sophy Naess’s eight hanging soap slabs pervades this small white-boxed gallery, where curator Lumi Tan has presented works by three artists. Embedded in Naess’s soaps are tiny things: Pieces of weeds and flowers float… READ ON


Michelle Boulé

Michelle Boulé speaks about WONDER

July 2013

Michelle Boulé is a New York–based dancer and choreographer. She will be performing BREAK>Urge>Imprint, 2013, a collaborative work with cellist Okkyung Lee, at Mount Tremper Arts Summer Festival in Mount Tremper, New York, on July 6, and… READ ON


“Stand Close”

ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives

June 2013

Perched on the second-floor balcony overlooking the large square expanse that houses ONE’s library, “Stand Close, It’s Shorter Than You Think: A show on feminist rage,” presented by Artist Curated Projects, places works by artists … READ ON


Bridget Everett

Bridget Everett on her recent shows and new album

March 2013

Bridget Everett is a New York–based performer and lead singer of the band the Tender Moments. A denizen of Joe’s Pub—Everett is former cohost of Our Hit Parade, along with Kenny Mellman and Neal Medlyn—she currently performs at the … READ ON


Claude Wampler

Claude Wampler discusses her new piece, N’a pas un gramme de charisme.

January 2013

Claude Wampler is a New York–based artist who investigates the boundaries of spectatorship in the visual and performing arts. Here, she discusses the impetuses behind her latest work, N’a pas un gramme de charisme., (Not an ounce of … READ ON


Simone Forti

Judson at 50: Simone Forti

November 2012

Simone Forti has been choreographing movement and sound since the age of twenty-one. Born in 1935, she immigrated to Los Angeles from Florence, Italy, while still young, and moved to San Francisco in 1956. There, she studied with choreographer… READ ON


Deborah Hay

Judson at 50: Deborah Hay

October 2012

Deborah Hay is a pioneering choreographer in the field of experimental dance and one of the founding members of the Judson Dance Theater. As part of’s commemoration of Judson’s fiftieth anniversary, here Hay describes her … READ ON


DD Dorvillier

DD Dorvillier discusses the complementary roles of music and dance

September 2012

DD Dorvillier is a choreographer, performer, and teacher. With her company, human future dance corps, she will be presenting a new work titled Danza Permanente on September 26–30 at The Kitchen in New York, copresented with the French … READ ON


Elaine Summers

Judson at 50: Elaine Summers

August 2012

Elaine Summers was born in 1925 in Perth and was raised in Boston. In 1952 she moved to New York and attended workshops led by Robert Ellis Dunn, a musician for the Merce Cunningham Dance Company. The workshop group later formed the Judson … READ ON