Sohrab Mohebbi

Meg Cranston


April 2013

In her latest installation, “Emerald City,” 2013, Meg Cranston has painted two walls of the gallery emerald green. A portrait of Kate Middleton is installed on one of the painted walls facing the entrance. The gallery’s third wall is … READ ON


Jay Chung and Q Takeki Maeda

Gallery at REDCAT

August 2012

For a decade, rules and strategies—some self-imposed and some referring to strategies and conventions of Conceptualism—have been an essential component of the Berlin-based duo Jay Chung and Q Takeki Maeda’s practice. At times the artists… READ ON


“Initial Points: Anchors of America’s Grid”

The Center for Land Use Interpretation

March 2012

Imagine a Situationist dérive, one beginning in 1785 on the north shore of the Ohio River and ending in 1956 on Umiat Mountain in Alaska, drifting across the previously uncharted landscape of the United States. Departing from what today is… READ ON