Solveig Nelson

Casilda Sánchez

December 2013

Casilda Sánchez’s best-known digital-video installation, As Inside as the Eye Can See, 2009, pictures two eyes with long lashes approaching each other in extreme close-up. This confrontation between anatomies brings to mind the physical … READ ON

IN PRINT December 2013 [TOC]

“Michelle Grabner: I Work From Home”

September 2013

Curated by David Norr Scrambling one’s creative practice and domestic life, as conceptual painter Michelle Grabner has done since the mid-1990s, carries forward feminist critiques while opening up the contradictory poles of intimacy and … READ ON


“The Way of the Shovel: Art As Archaeology”

September 2013

Curated by Dieter Roelstraete Addressing the recent historiographic turn in artistic practices through works made in the last two decades by thirty-three artists, including Joachim Koester, Deimantas Narkevičius, and Hito Steyerl, MCA … READ ON


Steve McQueen

May 2013

PROJECTED CLOSE AGAINST A WALL in a large, dark gallery, the saturated red of Steve McQueen’s 16-mm film Charlotte, 2004, produced an intimacy with the viewer every bit as charged as the contact that occurs between the artist’s finger … READ ON

IN PRINT May 2013 [TOC]

R. H. Quaytman

April 2013

The screenprinted and gessoed varnished panels of R. H. Quaytman speak foremost, perhaps, to a discourse of painting, but also to that of photography, sculpture (the panels are thick, often painted on multiple sides, and at times may be … READ ON

IN PRINT April 2013 [TOC]

Hito Steyerl

February 2013

For this expertly mounted exhibition of Berlin-based artist and writer Hito Steyerl’s work, curator Lisa Dorin installed six video projections throughout the Art Institute of Chicago’s modern wing. Dorin, describing Steyerl as a “riot… READ ON

IN PRINT February 2013 [TOC]

Gretchen Bender

November 2012

Seeing video art as “ghettoized [by] the eighties art world,” Gretchen Bender (1951–2004) described herself not as a video artist, but as a visual artist working with television as her material. It is in part because of this wary … READ ON

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