Stephanie Bailey

“Great Crescent”

April 2014

Having been Japanese colonies until 1945, Taiwan and Korea, along with their former conqueror, were gradually absorbed into American Cold War policy in East Asia as part of an economic and political buffer zone dubbed the “Great Crescent.”… READ ON

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Lee Kit

April 2014

For Lee Kit, painting is like breathing: an act of leaving an invisible trace within a space so that “[e]ven if a person isn’t there, you can feel his breath.” Lee treats surfaces like conveyors of personal residues, combining and … READ ON

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Katrina Palmer

March 2014

For her exhibition “Reality Flickers,” performance artist, sculptor, and writer Katrina Palmer transformed MOT International into what looked like a backstage rehearsal space for a performance under production. Four chairs (one alone and… READ ON

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Duane Michals

Duane Michals on his life and work

February 2014

Born in 1932 in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, the New York–based photographer Duane Michals is widely celebrated for his photo sequences—as exemplified in his 1970 book Sequences—as well as for writing messages and poems directly onto his… READ ON


Oliver Laric

January 2014

At Seventeen gallery, Oliver Laric’s single-channel HD-video animation 5, 2013, was projected onto a wall built in the center of the space. The ten-minute video, presented on a continuous loop, shows a white room and a single table. This … READ ON

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Andy Holden

Zabludowicz Collection | London

November 2013

Conceived as a single installation that resembles a theatrical set of a town, this exhibition has been designed to illustrate the manifesto Andy Holden drew up as a teenager along with four friends while living in Bedford, England. Apprehended… READ ON


“Purkinje Effect”

November 2013

Organized by artist Laurent Grasso, “Purkinje Effect” took the idea of “dark adaptation” in color perception and used it as a curatorial conceit. The Purkinje effect refers to the way in which the eye’s relative receptivity to … READ ON

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Edy Ferguson

October 2013

In “Conspiracy Theory,” Edy Ferguson treated the white cube like one of her paintings, which she produces initially from sketches made from images she has cut into squares and reassembled into compositional assemblages or picture puzzles.… READ ON

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Basim Magdy

Basim Magdy discusses his latest work in Prague and the 13th Istanbul Biennial

September 2013

Egyptian artist Basim Magdy employs film and photography to address the collective disappointment of failed projections. The artist speaks here about his first exhibition in the Czech Republic, “A Future of Mundane Miracles,” which is on… READ ON


Manfred Kuttner

Langen Foundation

September 2013

Manfred Kuttner’s oeuvre, presented in its near entirety for this survey exhibition, was mainly produced between 1961 and 1964. This time period is neatly encapsulated in an archival photograph from 1963—presented in the show—in which … READ ON