Stephanie Snyder

Isaac Layman

Elizabeth Leach Gallery

August 2013

Seattle-based artist Isaac Layman titled his exhibition of recent photographs “Funeral,” suggesting that the quiescent images of objects and spaces in his home are concerned with loss and absence. Funerals honor departure through rituals… READ ON


Johan Thurfjell

Galerie Nordenhake | Stockholm

June 2013

Swedish artist Johan Thurfjell is a master of visual deceptions so subtle and charming that they fill his multimedia installations with gusts of poetic longing and reverie. Like the slow progression of a solitary day, the exhibition “From… READ ON


Carrie Mae Weems

Portland Art Museum

May 2013

The likeness of Portland, Oregon native Carrie Mae Weems is often at the center of her work. This spectacular retrospective, aptly taking place in her hometown, reveals the diverse ways in which Weems combines photography’s documentary, … READ ON


Stephen Hayes

Elizabeth Leach Gallery | The Heathman Hotel

December 2012

Stephen Hayes’s most recent landscape paintings of rural Oregon possess a psychedelic quality that is firmly rooted in painterly traditions but also reflects the garishness of contemporary life in the era of the off-brand discount store … READ ON


Alex Cecchetti


September 2012

Alex Cecchetti’s “relay performance” Summer Is Not the Prize of Winter, 2012, is a deeply satisfying meditation on the nature of existence and the capacity of language, image, and object to embody life’s most essential concerns. The… READ ON


Betty Feves

Museum of Contemporary Craft

July 2012

Curated by MOCC director Namita Gupta Wiggers, this sumptuous retrospective elucidates the life and work of ceramicist Betty Feves. Feves spent her adult life in the arid, clay-rich landscape of eastern Oregon, and she created a wide array … READ ON


Bobbi Woods

Fourteen30 Contemporary

June 2012

Los Angeles–based artist Bobbi Woods’s most recent works on paper possess the muted sheen of an old mirror or a weathered scrap of industrial metal. Akin to the eighteenth-century Claude glass (a small black mirror often used by painters… READ ON


Daniel Duford

Daniel Duford discusses his new ceramics

April 2012

Daniel Duford is a Portland, Oregon–based artist and writer. His latest ceramics, which he discusses below, are featured in the exhibition “Portland2012: A Biennial of Contemporary Art,” presented by Disjecta and curated by Prudence F.… READ ON


Joe Thurston

Elizabeth Leach Gallery

March 2012

Portland artist Joe Thurston’s recent freestanding floor sculptures have familiar proportions, resembling cargo crates, sarcophagi, or homemade luggage. The character of each “container”—as Thurston calls them—is different; each … READ ON


“Between My Head and My Hand There is Always the Face of Death.”

March 2011

The seven painters in this exhibition pair the erotic beauty of the human form with enclosed or atmospheric spaces that are charged and transformed by the presence of the body––whether depicted wholly or as a collection of fragments. For… READ ON