Stephanie Snyder

Joe Thurston

Elizabeth Leach Gallery

March 2012

Portland artist Joe Thurston’s recent freestanding floor sculptures have familiar proportions, resembling cargo crates, sarcophagi, or homemade luggage. The character of each “container”—as Thurston calls them—is different; each … READ ON


“Between My Head and My Hand There is Always the Face of Death.”

March 2011

The seven painters in this exhibition pair the erotic beauty of the human form with enclosed or atmospheric spaces that are charged and transformed by the presence of the body––whether depicted wholly or as a collection of fragments. For… READ ON


Natan Dvir

January 2011

“Eighteen,” 2010, is Israeli photographer Natan Dvir’s most recent documentary series, in which he explores the domestic lives of several eighteen-year-old Arabs—and by extension their families—who live within Israeli borders. Dvir… READ ON


Sandi Slone

December 2010

In “The Buxom Eye,” longtime New York–based artist Sandi Slone continues her passionate affair with paint’s kinetic, sensuous qualities, revisiting some of the unusual imagemaking processes she developed in the 1970s. In works such … READ ON


Charles Atlas

October 2010

“Human Being” is the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art’s feast of art offerings curated by Kristan Kennedy as part of the nonprofit organization’s eighth annual Time-Based Art Festival. A disused public high school serves as … READ ON


Michael Brophy

September 2010

In this exhibition of large- and small-scale landscapes, the Portland, Oregon–based painter Michael Brophy continues his study of the Pacific Northwest’s natural environment, both qua nature and as a sometimes disturbing register of human… READ ON


Molly Dilworth

Molly Dilworth discusses Cool Water, Hot Island

August 2010

For one of Manhattan’s largest public art projects to date, Brooklyn-based artist Molly Dilworth was awarded a commission from the New York City Department of Transportation to create a temporary site-specific installation in Times Square… READ ON


Storm Tharp

August 2010

In the enigmatically titled “Hercules,” Portland-based artist and 2010 Whitney Biennial participant Storm Tharp presents his latest works on paper that run wild through the history of art, literature, and culture. The exhibition features… READ ON


Judy Cooke

July 2010

Northwest artist Judy Cooke’s most recent sculptural paintings on smooth, grained wood evince a peripatetic expressionism that emanates, in part, from their eccentric shapes, maplike imagery, and translucent, often streaming washes of oil… READ ON


David Shaner

June 2010

In the early 1960s, the late self-described potter David Shaner eschewed the East Coast art world and migrated west to direct the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts in Helena, Montana. He remained at the organization’s helm until… READ ON